Basal cell carcinoma symptoms


Basal cell carcinoma symptoms Basal cell carcinoma symptoms: A carcinoma arising from squamous epithelial cells. Morphologically, it is characterized by the proliferation of atypical, often pleomorphic squamous cells. Squamous cell carcinomas are classified by the degree of cellular differentiation, as well as, moderately, or poorly differentiated. Well-separated carcinomas are normally connected with keratin creation and the nearness of intercellular extensions between nearby cells. Delegate models are lung squamous cell carcinoma, skin squamous cell carcinoma, and cervical squamous cell carcinoma. Symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma: The following symptoms indicate squamous cell…

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HIV symptoms women


HIV symptoms women HIV symptoms women: HIV is a disease that can occur in both men and women. HIV, ie, human immunodeficiency virus, is a lentivirus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). This is a fatal condition, which causes the immune system to weaken. This results in fatal infections, which are at risk of death. It weakens your ability to fight infection. HIV infection can be spread through blood, semen, vaginal discharge, pre-ejaculation, mother’s milk. This infection communicates in four ways: unprotected sex, infected injections, mother’s milk and is transmitted…

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Immunotherapy cancer treatment


Immunotherapy cancer treatment Immunotherapy cancer treatment: #WorldNoTobaccoDay is celebrated every year on 31 May. To say no tobacco (no to gutkha) is simply to say no to disease. And to say no to tobacco disease is to say no to cancer. Let us tell you that the rapid growth in the world of cancer, precaution is its only cure. However, now new procedure immunotherapy is helping to keep cancer patients alive for more days. According to the report, by 2012, 14.1 million people had died of cancer. But now this…

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Heart-healthy foods to avoid


Heart-healthy foods to avoid Heart-healthy foods to avoid: It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle to keep the heart healthy, which is very difficult in this run-of-the-mill life. People sleep and wake up impolitely. At the same time, they like the outside things more. Such a lifestyle not only makes them fat from the body but also affects the body. Let’s know about 7 such things that are enemies of your heart … Our heart keeps on working non-stop throughout life. In such a situation, it is very…

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Pomegranate benefits and side effects


Pomegranate benefits and side effects: Pomegranate benefits and side effects: You must have heard that saying, ‘One pomegranate, one hundred sick’. Let us say that this is not just a saying. In fact, pomegranate is capable of curing many diseases. It not only cures cancer and heart-related diseases but can also be used to enhance the beauty of the skin. Many vitamins and minerals are hidden in their red grains full of sweetness and juice. In this article, we will tell you about the benefits of eating a pomegranate. Now…

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Collard greens vegetable Benefits


Collard greens vegetable Benefits What Are Collard Greens? Collard greens vegetable Benefits: Collard greens are cultivars of Brassica oleracea that belong to the Acephala group. The plants have big, dark green leaves that are highly nutritious. Peruse every one of the realities about this vegetable in the article. Different Names This plant is known as a cove in Brazil, you’ve–Galega in Portugal, kovi or ko­bi in Spanish talking nations, raštika in Bosnia and Herzegovina just as in Croatia, raštan in Siberia and Montenegro, Haak in Kashmir and Swahili in Kenya.…

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Bridal makeup tips and tricks

indian Wedding

Bridal makeup tips and tricks Bridal makeup tips and tricks: Marriage is like a beautiful dream for every girl. The bride wants to look the most beautiful at her wedding. Makeup fulfills her dream. For this, she starts searching for the best makeup artist. She knows that a makeup artist can give her a perfect, stylish and glossy look. Makeup adds beauty to the bride. In the marriage, everyone’s eyes are kept on it. Barati does not get tired of praising her beauty. If you also want the eyes of…

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Kidney cancer symptoms


Kidney cancer symptoms Kidney cancer symptoms: The five largely ignored cancers in men are prostate, bladder, kidney, testicular and penile cancers. Therefore, to find and treat them on time, it is important to know the causes and symptoms of each of them. Although prostate cancer is the most talked about, it is equally important to know the rest of the cancer. Kidney or renal cancer cases are increasing among young people in India. Hence those things about kidney cancer, which are important to know. 1. What is kidney or renal…

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kidney disease types symptoms


kidney disease types symptoms subject matter: introduction Symptoms reason The diagnosis treatment Prevention Complications Introduction: kidney disease types symptoms: Kidney infection is a painful and unpleasant disease that usually occurs when bacteria reach one or both kidneys from your bladder. The medical name of a kidney infection is pyelonephritis. It is more severe and different from cystitis, a common infection of the bladder that makes urination painful. Kidney infection does not cause serious harm if treated immediately but it will make you feel very unwell. If a kidney infection is…

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Hot yoga benefits

Hot yoga benefits

Hot yoga benefits Hot Yoga is also known as Bikram Yoga. Hot yoga is a very famous yoga to relieve our stress and benefit the brain. Bikram yoga improves heart health and helps in losing weight. It is a yoga style performed in a warm room. Hot yoga is very popular yoga, it is also often done by big celebrities. This yoga brings sweat out of your body which removes impurities from our body. Come, let us know in detail how to do hot yoga or Bikram yoga and the…

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