6 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Sex Life


6 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Sex Life

Hate yoga? According to health experts, there is actually a very good reason you want to give it a shot: Yoga can actually improve your sex life.

“Since yoga assists individuals with creating harmony, quality, stamina, dexterity, information on their own body and capacity to remain right now and make little modifications, it can increment sexual execution and fearlessness, regardless of Without doing. Asan (pose) is the practice, ”says sex therapist Gracie Lands, LMFT, CST.

What’s more, research suggests that practicing yoga for one hour per day is associated with prolonged ejaculation and enhancing overall sexual performance. This is because some yoga poses can work your Kegel muscles (yes, friends – you have them too), which can help strengthen your erections and help you stay in bed longer. Can. (There is also a possibility that yoga can increase testosterone, thus increasing libido, according to the book The Science of Yoga: The Risk and Rewards, but more research needs to be done to determine it.)

Do a yoga class with your partner and go back home for some shower sex. You would be surprised how much more flexible (and excited) both of you are. Here are some poses to get you started.

1. Spinal flexion/extension:

Spinal flexion/extension
Spinal flexion/extension

These movements, called cat and cow, tone the hip and pelvis, increase blood flow to those areas and strengthen the muscles that support your genitals, leading to better sexual function and function.

“Set hands and knees. In the cat, press through the hands and hug the back, taking care to rotate the sit bones to the back of the thighs. Go into the cow by bending the pelvis and dropping the belly toward the ground. Rehash multiple times, “says Megan Kearney, a yoga educator with Yoga Medicine.

2. Cobra:


“Cobra is one of the best spine and core-strengthening postures in yoga,” says yoga instructor Dean Polman, founder of Yoga‘s Man Flow Yoga. When you have a strong core, you emphasize and have more control over your pelvis, which can make for better performance, sexologist Lawrence A. Seagal, CSE, says AASECT.

To cobra, lie on your stomach, and place your hands under your shoulders with your elbows pointing straight back, close to your sides. “Broaden your fingers and spot the palms under your shoulders. Turn the thighs inward and bend the knees so that the knees are straight downward and all the paws are touching the floor. With your big feet, ankles, knees, and each other. Squeeze the inner thighs, ”Polman says.

Push your pelvis into the floor and inhale so that you use your core to move the spine forward and lift your chest slightly off the floor. Shoulders shoulder down and towards each other, and use your hands (do not push) to pull your body back and forth. Hold the posture for 30–120 seconds for one to two sets.

3. Boat pose:

Boat pose
Boat pose

“This posture is an effective, beginner-friendly yoga posture to develop and improve the pelvic floor muscles,” says Polman.

Sit on the floor, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor, with the heels about 1.5 to 2 feet away. Hold your knees lightly with your hands, sit as straight as possible and bend slightly back, says Pollman.

“Lift your chest and keep your torso intact, squeeze your hip flexors and abdominal muscles. Get down on your knees, and arms up and up, palms up, ”he says.

Keep your abdominal muscles and hip flexors tight, and slowly lift your feet off the floor and straighten your legs. Pull the sternum toward the roof while keeping the spine unbiased. Hold the pose, inhale when you stretch the spine, and exhale when you tighten the core. Hold for one to two sets for 30-90 seconds.

4. Bridge pose:

Bridge pose
Bridge pose

Bridge pose “opens up the land and sperm, increasing circulation and respiration,” Landes says. It also opens and enlarges the pelvic area and tones the legs, “squeezing your glutes together helps improve ejaculation and blood flow to the genital area,” Polman says.

Lie on your back and place your arms towards you, palms upwards. Bend your knees and separate your feet hip-width, not a few inches away from the glutes. Fix your abs and connect with the center as you plan to lift your hips.

“Breathe out, raise your hips gradually yet solidly away from the floor. Press the hips, glutes, and center to shape a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. “Reach your tailbone toward your knees to lengthen the spine,” says Polman. Hold the posture, as you raise your hips high, and exhale as your core tightens. For one to two sets, hold for 30–120 seconds.

5. Standing bow:

Standing bow
Standing bow

“This is a great balancing exercise to increase hip mobility, lengthen your chest and shoulders and strengthen the spine. The blend of extending and reinforcing the center is extraordinary for perseverance and drawing in the pelvic floor, “Polman says.

Stand in a mountain pose with your big toe touch and your heel about 1 inch apart. Keep your palms facing forward to open the chest. Raise your left leg, bend your back foot and squeeze the foot to pull the heel towards the glutes, they say.

“Reach back with your left hand and get within your left leg. Spread your right hand straight up. Press into the floor with your right foot. Breathe while you lengthen your body and reach your fingers. While exhaling you press your left foot into your left hand, you use this force to stretch the left hip flexors, ”he says.

Hold the posture as you lengthen the torso and exhale while pressing deeply. Hold for 30-60 seconds, one to two sets. Repeat on the other side.

6. Locust pose:

Locust pose
Locust pose

This step “tones the back and limbs, increases respiration and endurance, and opens and enhances the pelvic area,” says Lands. Also, it increases the pressure on the genitals, demanding a higher level of abdominal attachment to your core.

Lie on your stomach. Rest your arms on your arms, palms facing down, and legs straight. Attach your core and thighs, and turn your thighs inward so that your feet touch the floor.

“At the point when you lift your legs, hands, and chest off the floor, and breathe out to protract your body, press the toes too and fro. Fully engage core and hips. Knees. Squeeze the thighs to close, and press the toes backward as much as possible, making the legs as far as possible. Arms the arms toward each other to engage the mid-back and open the chest. Add, ”Polman says.

Lift the posture up high and increase the arc, and hold the breath to create more length from the toes to the head. Hold for 30 – 60 seconds for one to two sets.


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