amla benefits and side effects


Amla benefits and side effects:


Amla benefits and side effects: Amla is undoubtedly a small fruit, but there is no comparison in terms of quality. This fruit, used in almost every household, is beneficial in many respects. Then, whether you eat it as a pickle or drink its juice or use it as a medicine, it is beneficial in every respect. Although some people do not know the benefits of eating Amla, today we fill this deficiency. Today in this article we are not only telling you the benefits of Amla but will also tell you about the disadvantages of Amla.

Table of contents:

  • Benefits of Amla.
  • Health Benefits of Amla.
  • Skin Benefits of Amla.
  • Hair Benefits of Amla.
  • How to Use Amla.
  • Side Effects of Amla.

Other names for Amla:

Amla has many other names, in English, Amla is called Emblica Myrobelan or Indian gooseberry, while in Sanskrit it is called Amrita, Amritaphal, Amalaki, and Pancharasa. This small fruit has as many names as it has its benefits.

Benefits of Amla:

The benefits of Amla are many, which we will explain further in this article.

  1. Helpful in weight loss
  2. Beneficial for bones
  3. Safe for heart
  4. Improves digestive power
  5. Beneficial for liver
  6. Beneficial in diabetes
  7. Beneficial for hair
  8. Beneficial for the skin

Here we are describing in detail the benefits of Amla.

Health Benefits of Amla:

1. Gooseberry for a sore throat:

Sore throat
Sore throat

With the changing season, diseases continue, sometimes fever and sometimes cold and cough. If you are also troubled by a sore throat, amla can prove to be an effective home remedy. You can consume Amla juice by making a decoction. Like amla, amla juice also has its benefits. Amla has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful in fever or sore throat. Of course, no specific evidence has been revealed yet, but many people use Amla at the time of sore throat.


  • A cup of gooseberry juice
  • Finely chopped ginger
  • A spoonful of honey


  • Mix finely chopped ginger and one spoon of honey in amla juice.
  • Then drink it like syrup.

2. Amla for the heart:

Due to the unbalanced lifestyle nowadays, people have started gaining weight, which is causing high cholesterol and heart diseases. In this case, if you take amla, the risk of harmful cholesterol and heart diseases in the body is reduced. At the same time, it increases good cholesterol. Its intake also reduces the risk of heart diseases like atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.

3. Gooseberry in diabetes:


There was a time when diabetes used to happen after age, but now it is not so. Diabetes can happen to anyone due to the unbalanced lifestyle nowadays. It is important that you pay attention to this while on time. If someone has diabetes, they can consume Amla. Amla has anti-diabetic properties, which reduces the risk of diabetes. In addition, diabetic patients consume amla, their blood glucose levels may decrease. It can also lower cholesterol levels in patients with diabetes. However, no concrete evidence has been revealed so far, but scientific research is going on on this subject.


  • Two teaspoon gooseberry juice
  • A pinch of turmeric


  • Make a mixture by mixing amla and turmeric
  • Then take this mixture in the morning
  • This can balance your blood sugar level.

4. Prevents the effects of increasing age:

Amla has anti-oxidant properties which can prevent cells from getting damaged to some extent. It can reduce the effect of increasing age by controlling the effect of free radicals. If amla and turmeric are consumed together, the effect of increasing age is less, as both of them have many medicinal properties.

5. Frequent urination activity increases:

Due to not taking the right diet or not having the right lifestyle, toxins start accumulating in the body, which needs to be released. For this, your body needs to detoxify. Amla has diuretic properties, so consuming it may make you feel the need to urinate frequently. By consuming this, your body detoxifies and the toxins of your body are released through urine.

6. Amla for digestive power:

Due to busy life, people do not pay attention to their food and drink, due to which the digestive system is disturbed. Sometimes, serious stomach diseases also occur. In such a situation, some people become medicines, etc., which may have side effects. Amla is the only remedy for all these problems. Amla has fiber and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can prove beneficial for digestion. Amla can reduce ulcers, gastric and digestive problems to a large extent.

7. Amla enhances disease resistance:

Some people have weak immunity, so with the changing season, they get cold, cough and fever. In such a situation, if amla is consumed, the disease resistance improves to a great extent. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and many other properties present in amla can increase the body’s immunity. Vitamin C present in it can help the body to fight against diseases.

8. Amla strengthens bones:

Our bones begin to weaken with increasing age. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to this in time, or else a serious problem like arthritis can occur later. Many times, due to lack of essential nutrients, problems related to bones start. In such a situation, home remedies should be tried before medicines are made and Amla is the easiest home remedy. Amla has anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from this, it also contains vitamin-C, which can relieve the discomfort of your bones. Try to include Amla juice or a little Gooseberry in your diet every day. This will strengthen the bones and may reduce the risk of bone disease.

9. Amla increases eyesight:

We spend more time in front of the computer, TV, and mobile, the result is that our eyesight starts getting weaker. Apart from this, at times, due to dust and soil pollution, eye infections, watering, irritation problems, and many other problems start, which need treatment while on time. In such a situation, if amla is included in our diet every day, not only will the eyesight be sharp, but the risk of eye infection will also be reduced. You can drink Amla juice with honey. The nutrients in it can improve your eyesight.

10. Amla removes stones problem:

Kidney stones in the kidney are very painful and if it is not treated in time, it can also threaten the life of the patient. Medicines are necessary for the problem of stones, but taking amla juice with it can also provide relief. Sometimes doctors also recommend drinking Amla juice.

11. Amla reduces obesity:


When obesity increases, diseases in the body also increase. In such a situation, it is important to keep the weight balanced. For this, exercise is necessary as well as proper eating is also necessary. If you consume Amla or Amla juice every day, you can get rid of the obesity problem to a great extent. Amla is a storehouse of nutrients and is also anti-obese. In addition, it increases metabolism, which can be helpful in reducing weight. By consuming this, the stomach feels full for a long time, due to which there is no desire to eat more and the risk of weight gain is also reduced.

12. Amla is anti-inflammatory:

Amla has many nutrients and properties and one of those properties is anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this, any type of stomach problem, swelling or other discomforts can be relieved to a great extent.

13. Increases metabolism:

Amla is rich in protein, which increases the activity of metabolism. It is metabolism, which causes weight gain due to slowing down. At the same time, the intake of amla increases the activity of metabolism and it can keep your weight balanced. Especially in diabetes, it reduces oxidative stress and improves metabolism.

14. Amla cleans the blood:

Due to impurities in the blood, many times its effect starts appearing on your body and skin such as pimples, face spots, fatigue, weakness, and stomach problems. In such a situation, it is important that you adopt the right food. You can add Amla or Amla juice to your diet daily to cleanse the impurities of the blood. Amla has many other nutrients besides antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, which can be helpful in removing impurities in your blood.

15. Amla intake for liver:

amla benefits and side effects: Many diseases related to the liver are caused by incorrect eating. In such a situation, it is important that you include some healthy things in your diet every day and one of these healthy things is amla. If you take Amla or Amla juice, then your stomach, digestive power, and liver problems can be reduced to a great extent. Problems such as gas, jaundice or diarrhea can be reduced by taking amla.

16. Amla protects against cancer:

amla benefits and side effects: Cancer is also becoming a common disease nowadays. Who cannot get cancer when cannot say? In such a situation, it is important that you take special care of your food and drink. Include amla in your diet, it may reduce the risk of cancer to some extent. Amla has anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties. You can consume gooseberry pickle or similar gooseberry every day. There are also benefits of Amla juice, so you can consume it in a limited quantity.

Skin Benefits of Amla:

These were health benefits of Amla, but do you know that Amla can improve your skin as well. Below we are telling some benefits of Amla for the skin and also the method of making some Amla face packs. You can easily make these face packs at home.

Amla for glowing skin:

glowing skin
glowing skin

To maintain the glow of face, it is not necessary to use the cream every time, you can also try home remedies. Amla is one of those home remedies. You can consume Amla juice every day to bring the glow to the skin. If you do not want to eat gooseberry or gooseberry juice, then you can also apply the following face pack.

Amla face pack for glowing skin:


  • Some pieces of papaya
  • Amla powder

Method of preparation and application:

  • Prepare a face pack by mixing amla powder and a few pieces of papaya.
  • Wash your face thoroughly before applying this face pack.
  • Then apply a face pack and let it dry.
  • When the face pack dries, wash the face thoroughly.
  • You can apply this face pack once or twice a week.

How beneficial?

amla benefits and side effects: Amla is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. These nutrients add shine to your skin and make the face blossom. Apart from this face pack, you could also make a face pack of Amla juice. All you have to do is to keep the juice of gooseberry for a while and then wash it with water. This will gradually cause a natural glow on your face.

Amla improves skin tone:

Almost everyone wants to get fair complexion. For this, people get different types of creams and treatments, which sometimes have a bad effect on the skin. In such a situation, the use of gooseberry will naturally change the color of your skin, as well as the skin, will glow.

Amla faces pack to improve skin tone:


  • Amla paste
  • Honey a spoon
  • Half papaya

Method of preparation and application:

  • Mash some pieces of papaya well.
  • Now mix half or one teaspoon amla paste and half teaspoon honey in it.
  • Mix it well and make a paste.
  • Then apply this face mask on your face properly and allow it to dry for a while.
  • After drying, wash it with lukewarm water.

How beneficial?

The antioxidants and vitamin C present in amla can help improve the skin tone. At the same time papaya and honey hydrate the skin and retain moisture. Honey is very beneficial for your skin. This face pack will improve the complexion of your skin. If you do not like applying face pack or you are not getting time to apply face pack then you can also drink Amla and honey juice.

Pigmentation is less than amla:

amla benefits and side effects: Pigmentation causes stains and patches on the face. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to this while on time, for this you can adopt home remedies and in this problem, amla can prove to be very effective. Below we are telling Amla face pack for all skin types, which can reduce the problem of pigmentation to some extent.

Amla Facepack For Dry to Normal Skin:


  • One spoon Amla powder
  • One spoon tamarind paste

Method of preparation and application:

  • Add one teaspoon tamarind paste to one teaspoon amla powder.
  • Take the quantity of material according to your needs.
  • Now massage your face lightly with this paste.
  • Then wash it with water after 10 minutes.
  • It works like a scrub and you can apply it once a week.

Amla face pack for dry skin:


  • One teaspoon Amla powder
  • An avocado

Method of preparation and application:

  • Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of gooseberry powder in water.
  • Now mix two teaspoons of avocado pulp ie avocado anal
  • Then make a good paste and apply this pack on your face.
  • After 10 minutes wash it with lukewarm water.
  • If you have dry skin, you can apply this face pack once or twice a week.

Face pack for dry and oily skin:


  • One spoon amla paste
  • A spoonful of honey
  • Two teaspoons curd

Method of preparation and application:

  • Prepare a face pack by mixing curd, amla, and honey.
  • Then apply this face pack on the face and let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water.
  • You can apply this face pack once a week.

You have come to know the benefits of amla for health and skin, now is the time to know the benefits of amla for hair.

Hair Benefits of Amla:

Amla benefits and side effects: By shampooing excessively, from pollution and taking various types of hair treatment, hair starts to become dry and lifeless and fast. In such a situation, home remedies can prove very beneficial. Amla is one of these home remedies.

Note: You should take the quantity of material as per your requirement. Also, if you are sensitive and are allergic to anything, then consult your doctor before using amla. Also, before using any face pack, do a patch test ie apply it on the skin of your hand and if you feel itching or burning, then wash it immediately.

1. Amla for hair growth:


  • Two teaspoons amla powder
  • Two teaspoons coconut or olive oil

Method of preparation and application:

  • Heat the oil in a pan and add two teaspoons of amla powder to it.
  • Heat this oil until it turns brown.
  • Then let it cool down and when the powder dissolves in it, take out the oil in a bowl.
  • When the oil is lukewarm, massage your scalp and hair with light hands for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • When the oil is fully applied to your hair, leave it on for half an hour.
  • After half an hour wash your hair with a shampoo that does not contain sulfate (such shampoos are available in the market and online)
  • You can do this process twice a week.

Gooseberry Hair Pack:

If you do not want to use oil, you can also apply the Amla hair mask.


  • Two teaspoons amla powder
  • Two teaspoons Shik aka powder
  • You can also put it
  • Water

Method of preparation and application:

  • Make a paste by mixing amla, Shik aka powder and water in a bowl.
  • Now apply this paste all over your hair and let it dry for some time.
  • Then wash the hair with cold water.
  • Shikakai cleans your hair like shampoo, so no other shampoos are needed.
  • You can apply it once a week.

How beneficial?


If you have problems with hair loss, then this hair mask can be quite beneficial. Amla moisturizes hair and scalp and can help hair grow. On the other hand, Shikakai cleans your scalp and makes hair soft. You can also use Amla oil every day.

2. Amla hair mask for white hair:

It is normal to have white hair with age, but sometimes some people start having problems with white hair at an early age. In this case, the gooseberry hair mask can prove to be very beneficial.

Amla and Mehndi Hair Mask:


  • One cup mehndi paste (you can use mehndi leaves or mehndi powder to make the paste)
  • Three teaspoons amla powder
  • A spoonful of coffee powder
  • Water
  • Brush (to apply)
  • Gloves

Method of preparation and application:

  • Mix all the ingredients in a plastic medium-size bowl and make a paste.
  • If the paste looks too thick, then add more water to it, but make sure that the paste is not too thin.
  • You should wear gloves in your hands so that the paste does not stick in your hands.
  • Then apply this paste to the hair with a brush.
  • Apply the paste and let it dry thoroughly.
  • After drying, wash it with shampoo, try to use shampoo without sulfate.
  • You can apply this hair mask once a month.

How beneficial?

Amla and henna will add color to your hair in a natural way. Also, it will make your hair soft and beautiful.

3. Amla for lice:

If you or someone in your house has lice in your hair, then gooseberry can prove to be beneficial. Put the gooseberry in water overnight. The next day mash it well and make it foam like soap. Now use this paste to wash hair. This can help you get rid of lice. The use of gooseberry will retain moisture in the hair and the problem of dandruff will also be reduced to some extent.

Note: If you have any itching or burning sensation in the scalp by applying any gooseberry hair mask, wash it immediately, because if the gooseberry suits someone else, it suits you too. Also, if you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, do not use those ingredients, because not every human has the same skin.

How to Use Amla:

After knowing the benefits of Amla and the medicinal properties of Amla, it is also important to know when and how much to consume Amla. However, the consumption of gooseberry can be different for different people, as it depends on the body of the person and their mode of consumption, who wants to consume the gooseberry.

1. Amla juice or juice:

Amla juice has advantages in some problems. Indian gooseberry is cold, so it is beneficial in digestive or stomach problems. You can add amla juice to your daily routine before or after every day. You can make juice by grinding small pieces of amla with water and drink it in the morning or evening. The benefits of Amla juice are many, so include it in your diet.

2. Gooseberry jam:

Gooseberry jam is easily available in the market. You can also eat a gooseberry jam. Every day you can eat one or two pieces of gooseberry marmalade.

3. Amla powder:

amla benefits and side effects: If you do not like Amla juice, you can make it by making Amla powder or powder. You can make gooseberry powder at home too, you can dry it in sunlight and grind it. You will get amla powder easily in the market.

Apart from this, if you want, you can add raw pieces of gooseberry or pickle of gooseberry in your diet.

Side Effects of Amla:

amla benefits and side effects: Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, in the same way, if there are advantages of gooseberry, then the disadvantages of gooseberry

Are also. Here we are telling you some disadvantages of gooseberry.{amla benefits and side effects}

  1. Excess intake of this can cause acidity.
  2. Indian gooseberry is cold, so cold-cough can also occur due to its excessive use.
  3. Skin moisture can also be reduced by consuming more gooseberry, so drink plenty of water after consuming the gooseberry.
  4. Diarrhea can also be caused by overeating.
  5. If you are allergic to gooseberry, you may have vomiting, rashes, nausea, and abdominal pain.

The medicinal properties of amla and the benefits of eating amla are many for health, skin, and hair. Also, the benefits of Amla juice are many, so you can make yourself healthy by including it in your diet. Now, what is the delay, include amla in your food soon and share the benefits from them in the comments with us.


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