Benefits of dates for women


Benefits of dates for women


Benefits of dates for women: Sweetness dissolves in the mouth as soon as the date is taken. The sweeter the dates are, the more beneficial they are. Fiber-rich dates have many secrets to health as well as taste. Through this article of Stylecrase, we will tell you about many such benefits of dates, which will give nourishment to your skin as well as hair.

Before knowing the benefits of dates, let us know what the date is.

  • What is Dates
  • Types of Dates
  • Dates benefits
  • Dates Nutritional Value
  • How to Use Dates
  • Side Effects of Dates

What is Dates:

Although fruits are liked by everyone, when it comes to dates, their natural sweetness makes it more special. This is why dates are a popular food item. Dates are known as dates in English, Tawarikh in Arabic and Premier in French. Date palm is considered to be a species of the palm tree. Its tree is quite large and the leaves are also about four to six meters long. Its scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera.

Date palm cultivation is believed to have first started in Iraq, after which it began to be grown in Arabia and other countries. Not only the fruit, but its seeds are also of great use. Many times its seeds are mixed in coffee beans and it is used as an alternative to coffee. At the same time, its oil is also used in cosmetic and soap making. Let me tell you that fresh dates are available only from August to December, but dried dates are available in the market throughout the year.

Let us now know what are the types of dates and which are the most popular and beneficial among them.

Types of Dates:

Although more than two hundred varieties of dates are found all over the world, here we are talking about the easily found types:

  • Ajwa – Ajwa dates are quite famous among people. Coming from the Medina of Arabia, this date is very healthy and soft in taste. Ajwa’s date is smaller than the other dates. It is believed that after eating this date, the scent of rose starts coming from the mouth.
  • Deglet Noor – One of the best palm varieties of Tunisia and Algeria is Deglet Noor. Its specialty is that it is slightly dry and less sweet. It is rich in many nutritional elements. This date is commonly used in food.
  • Medjool – This date originated in Morocco, which is considered very tasty. Medjool tastes like toffee. Medjool is also considered to be the most nutritious. It is the most common species of black palm.
  • Hallawi – This date is very tasty in fresh food. This species of date belongs to Iraq. It contains between 28 and 42 percent soluble solids. Have dates can also tolerate rain to a large extent. This date is considered much sweeter than other dates. Helvi dates are small in size.
  • Banshee – Barhi date palm is golden yellow in color. This date is known for its different tastes and more pulp. Due to the high pulp on this date, it is thicker than other dates. It is also very soft.
  • Hayley – This date is very soft and is very dark in color. Hayani date should be eaten fresh, as it gets spoiled by the time it reaches ripening or drying.
  • Khadrawi – Khadravai variety of dates is found exclusively in Iraq. These date palm trees are less tall than other dates. It can be eaten with both dates and fresh fruits.
  • Dairy (Dayri) – This date is black in color. It is also much longer than other dates.
  • Itami – This date is also very sweet in taste. Itami is a species of Algeria.

Why are dates good for our health?

Benefits of dates for women: Eating both fruits and nuts is beneficial in many ways. It is rich in calcium, potassium, protein, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6, A, and K. Apart from this, dates contain carbohydrates, iron, beneficial fats, dietary fiber, and fatty acids. All these nutrients protect our body from diseases.

Let us now tell you the benefits of dates.

Dates benefits:

1. Heart Health:

The heart is the most important part of our body, so it is important to pay attention to its health. To keep the heart better, you can consume a handful of dates throughout the day. The antioxidant properties present in dates help to remove cholesterol from artery cells. Atherosclerosis, that is, the hardening of the arteries and the filling of plaque in it, can also be prevented.

Weight gain can also result in heart-related diseases. In such a case, regular intake of dates can keep your weight under control, as it contains plenty of fiber (9) (11). When weight is controlled, you are protected from many diseases.

2. Bone Health:


Dates are a good source of magnesium, selenium, copper, and manganese. All these nutrients help in strengthening the bones as well as in removing the troubles associated with them. In addition, dates are also rich in vitamin-K, which helps to thicken the blood and metabolize bones. According to a report by North Dakota State University, dates also contain boron, a mineral that is very beneficial for bones.

3. Blood pressure:

Benefits of dates for women: Dates help to control blood pressure levels, as it contains plenty of potassium and minerals. About 24 grams of Medjool dates contain about 167 mg of potassium, which is much higher than other fruits. Kidney stones can also be avoided by maintaining the right amount of potassium in the body.

According to a report by Harvard Medical School, dates should also be included in your diet to control high blood pressure. Due to the potassium, magnesium, and fiber found in dates, it can be used daily. The magnesium present in dates also relaxes the muscles of your heart and blood vessels.

4. Energy Booster:

Rich in taste and natural properties, dates also give you energy. The daily intake of dates does not allow its helpful nutrients to make you feel tired throughout the day. By eating dates, the energy is transmitted throughout the day due to the nutrients in it, fructose and glucose.

5. Helpful in reducing inflammation:

The benefits of dates are many. It also contains ingredients that fight pain and inflammation. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, dates contain a sufficient amount of magnesium, which is very important for the immune system. If there is less magnesium in your diet, your immune system will not be able to fight inflammation properly.

6. Sexual Health:

Dates are also considered very good for sexual health. This is because 23 types of amino acids are found in the protein found in dates, which are beneficial for sexual health. The point to note here is that only natural amino acids help in improving sexual health.

According to an Indian study, date palm pollen also helps in maintaining sexual health. It is used to increase fertility. Palm pollen is also used in medicines to relieve sexual problems.

7. Healthy Pregnancy:


Benefits of dates for women: The question that often arises in people’s minds is whether dates can be consumed during pregnancy. We are telling you on the basis of research that dates are safe and beneficial for mother and child. The fructose sugar present in dates gives energy without altering the blood sugar levels in the body.

During pregnancy, the woman needs an extra 300 calories, which is met by dates. At the same time, the fiber present in dates also works to reduce hemorrhoids during pregnancy. However, pregnancy is a delicate time, so be sure to consult a doctor before consuming dates.

8. Strong immune system:

A nutritious diet is the only way to keep your body and immune system strong. Therefore, the amount of protein, iron and other vitamins in food is necessary. Protein strengthens the muscles as well as strengthens the immune system. In such a situation, it is considered beneficial to eat dates.

Dates also have antibacterial properties, which protect our body from many diseases. It has the ability to fight deadly diseases like cancer and protect the body from it. However, more scientific study is still needed on this subject.

9. Constipation:

Date pulp is very helpful in treating constipation. It also has the properties of balancing gastrointestinal infections. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, lack of fiber can cause constipation problems. During constipation, dates are effective in correcting the imbalance in the mineral levels in our body, because it contains a lot of fiber. Eating about 35 grams of fiber daily makes your stool soft and there is no hindrance in the digestive process. At the same time, the fiber present in dates also helps in preventing stomach-related cancers.

10. Cholesterol:

Cholesterol is also controlled by eating dates. An Israeli study reported that if a healthy person consumes dates daily, cholesterol levels and oxidative stress are effectively affected. Dates are high in potassium, which also helps in reducing harmful cholesterol.

11. Diarrhea:

It is important to choose the right food during diarrhea. According to research by Columbia University Medical Center, what we eat in diarrhea can sometimes cause diarrhea to increase rather than stop. This report said that potassium would be very good at getting rid of diarrhea. At the same time, you have already known that dates are rich in potassium.

12. Brain Health:


Dates are very effective in protecting the brain from stress and inflammation. Its regular intake can protect you from neurodegenerative diseases. Neurodegenerative disease is called brain diseases in which the nervous system of the brain is affected.

Dates are also found beneficial in enhancing memory. According to one study, dates have the potential to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s (gradually decreasing memory). According to a scientific study, dates can be helpful in preventing inflammation of the brain.

13. Colon Cancer:

Colon cancer of the colon can be fatal. According to a scientific study, the ingredients found in dates help prevent colon cancer. In particular, polyphenols found in celery dates can prevent cancer. Apart from this, the fiber found in dates is also helpful in fighting stomach cancer and relieving constipation. At the same time, consuming other types of dates also produces good bacteria in our intestine, which helps in keeping the stomach healthy.

14. Helpful in weight gain:

If you are thin enough, you can increase your weight by eating dates daily. During the research, up to 30% increase in weight from ground date seeds has been observed. This study was done on a goat’s baby, so it is believed that it may also increase the weight of humans. However, further research is still needed on this topic.

15. Prevents Drugs:

Dates are also used to reduce intoxication. Although no extensive research has been done on this, there is an interesting anecdote to prove this fact. In some parts of northern Nigeria, it is believed that dates were mixed with black pepper in homegrown beers to make the beer less intoxicating.

16. Night Blindness:

Vitamin-A deficiency is the leading cause of night blindness (night blindness). From the information given above in this article, you have come to know that dates are rich in vitamin-A. Dates can also be used to remove night blindness.

17. Prevention of piles:

Hemorrhoids can occur if you have constipation problems. As we have mentioned earlier in this article, dates have enough fiber. Therefore, the problem of hemorrhoids can be reduced to a great extent by its use.

18. Muscle development:

The date is considered a high carbohydrate fruit, due to which it can help in muscle development. In this article, we have mentioned earlier that a lot of carbohydrates are found in dates, which is very helpful in muscle development.

19. Helpful in reducing belly fat:

Yes, the benefits of eating dates include reducing belly fat. If you are troubled by obesity, you can include dates in your routine. Dates are rich in fiber and the inclusion of fiber in the diet reduces appetite and reduces the desire to eat something again and again. Dates are sweet in taste and you can consume them easily.

20. Anemia:

Iron deficiency in the body causes anemia. To avoid this fatal problem, you can consume dates regularly, because it is high in iron. Therefore, dates can be used to relieve complaints of anemia.

21. Treating intestinal disorders:

The benefits of dates are certainly many. In particular, the fiber in it has a very positive effect on our intestines and digestive system. The fiber and polyphenols present in it prevent bacteria from spreading in the intestines and help to make the intestines healthy. In the above article, we have also mentioned that colon cancer can be avoided by the use of dates.

22. Skin Health:


Vitamin-C and D are also found in plenty of dates. Therefore, it helps to keep the skin healthy. The date is also rich in anti-aging elements. Dates seed extracts contain phytohormone, which acts like anti-aging. This extract works to relieve wrinkles.

23. Hair health:

Benefits of dates for women:  The date is also very beneficial for hair. Being rich in iron, dates can promote blood circulation in the scalp, which helps in hair growth. Also, the vitamin-E present in it can be very helpful for the growth of your hair, but scientific studies are yet to be done on it. At the same time, it is believed that regular intake of dates can prevent hair from becoming white.

After knowing the benefits of dates, we now talk about the nutritious element present in it.

Date nutritional elements –

Dates are rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is considered very important for our body. We have already told you about the benefits of dates. Now you can know from the table below which nutrients are on the date.

Nutrient                                                      Value per 100 grams
Water                                                           21.32g
Energy                                                         277kcl
Carbohydrate                                            74.97 g
Protein                                                        1.81g
Total Lipid (Fat)                                      0.15 g
Cholesterol                                                74.97g
Fiber (Total Dietary)                              6.7g
Sugar                                                            66.47g


Calcium                                                     64mg
Iron                                                            0.90 mg
Magnesium                                              54 mg
Phosphorus                                             62 mg
Potassium                                                 696mg
Sodium                                                      1 mg
Zinc                                                             0.44mg


Thiamine                                                  0.050mg
Riboflavin                                                0.060 mg
Niacin                                                        1.610 mg
Vitamin B6                                              0.249 mg
Folate, DFE                                             15µg
Vitamin A, RAE                                   7µg
Vitamin A, IU                                       149IU
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)              2.7µg


How to Use Dates:

You can eat these sticky, sweet dates raw. Apart from this, it can also be used to make desserts. Also, dates can be eaten in the following ways:

  • You can have dates as healthy snacks. Remove the palm seed and include it with a nut, almond and cashew nut for a snack.
  • You can also add some chopped dates in your breakfast. This will make your breakfast more nutritious.
  • You can cut and serve dates with frozen vanilla curd.
  • You can also soak dried dates (date-palm) and eat it.
  • Date juice can also be made by making. The antibacterial properties present in it will help keep you healthy. Cut the dates into small pieces and add some water and whisk well. Your juice is ready.
  • Dates can also be used in a milkshake. You mix a handful of chopped dates in a glass of fresh cold milk and whisk well. Take your milkshake ready It is considered beneficial to drink in the morning and at night.

Note: The benefits of eating dates are many, so you can eat dates anytime with medicinal properties. You can have four to five dates eaten in a day. Eating more than this can cause diarrhea (diarrhea).

Let us now know the precautions to be taken while buying dates.

How to choose dates and keep them safe for a long time?


  • Dates are usually sold whole in small and large packets.
  • Always buy shiny, moist and unpolished dates.
  • Fresh dates may be slightly shrunk, but they are not very hard. They also have crystal sugar on their skin.
  • Dates should look thick and shiny and have a uniform color.

How to store:

  • Always use an airtight container and keep the dates in the refrigerator. In this way, dates can be stored for six months.
  • Dried dates have a longer shelf life. If kept in the manner mentioned above, they can be stored for 1 year.
  • Placing dates in an airtight plastic bag or container increases their shelf life.

Do you know about the side effects of dates? If not, we tell.

Side Effects of Dates:

Knowing the properties of dates and how to consume it can be harmful, it is also important to know. You have already learned the benefits of dates, so let us now know what can be the disadvantages of eating it in large quantities –

  • Excess consumption of dates can increase your weight because 100 grams of dates contains about 227 calories.
  • Overeating dates can also cause hyperkalemia. This is due to the high amount of potassium in the blood and the amount of potassium in the date is sufficient. In hyperkalemia, muscle weakness begins and paralysis can sometimes occur. Therefore, avoid eating too many dates.
  • Dates may be slightly harmful to infants, as it is quite thick and hard. The intestines of the baby are not fully developed, so they do not digest the dates easily. It can also get stuck in their throat.

The benefits of eating dates for the body are many, probably because of which it is also liked around the world. Due to the many nutrients present in it, it is also important to make it a part of the lifestyle, but while eating dates and buying, take care of the things mentioned in this article of Stylecrase. How did you like our article, do not forget to tell us in the comment box below. You can also join us through the comment box for any other suggestions and questions.




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    • ALK-позитивный немелкоклеточный рак; • ROS-1-позитивный рак лёгкого.

    • гиперчувствительность к составу средства; • беременность; • лактация; • детский возраст;
    • печёночная недостаточность; • совместный приём с ингибиторами CYP3A.

    Способ применения
    Приём данного лекарства не зависит от употребления пищи. Капсула проглатывается,
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    Медики рекомендуют дозу препарата – 250 мг (2 раза в сутки).
    Не следует удваивать лекарственную дозировку при пропуске употребления средства.
    Коррекция дозы зависит от выраженности CTCAE.
    При выраженных побочных эффектах лекарство временно отменяется.
    Однако на средство Ксалкори (Crizotinib) – Xalkori (Кризотиниб) отзывы
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    Побочные реакции
    • головокружения; • нейропатия; • понижение аппетита; • тошнота; • диарея; • запор;
    • нарушения зрения.

    Где купить лекарство
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