Bridal makeup tips and tricks


Bridal makeup tips and tricks


Bridal makeup tips and tricks: Marriage is like a beautiful dream for every girl. The bride wants to look the most beautiful at her wedding. Makeup fulfills her dream. For this, she starts searching for the best makeup artist. She knows that a makeup artist can give her a perfect, stylish and glossy look. Makeup adds beauty to the bride. In the marriage, everyone’s eyes are kept on it. Barati does not get tired of praising her beauty. If you also want the eyes of the people in your marriage to be sticky, then know what to do?

The first step of makeup is a primer. To decorate the bride, first primer her skin. It makes your makeup durable and you do not have to do makeup frequently. While using the primer, keep in mind that it is oil-free and of good quality.

After the primer, get ready for the bride’s eye makeup. Eye makeup covers the stains of the eyes and adds to the beauty of the bride. If the eyes of the bride are attractive, the eyes of the people will not be taken away from her.


Paint the red under the bride’s eyelids. This increases the beauty of the eyes of the bride many times. Her eyes look beautiful, stylish and interactive.

After this, apply a light gold highlighter on the red paint under the eyelids. This gives the bride a smooth look. Apply eyeshadow to give the modern bride a smokey look. It gives a stylish and attractive look to your eyes. After this, apply sparkling black powder on the eyes.

After this, decorate the eyelashes with black mascara pencil. Close the eyelids and apply a golden sparkle color to their inner corners. This makes the bride’s eyes look very beautiful. Put red matte eye shadow on the bride’s eyes and apply glitters for a shimmery look. Apply black gel liner under the eyes. This does not show dark circles.
Apply black eyeliner to the bride’s eyes. This increases the beauty of the eyes. It gives the bride a stylish and smokey look. After applying the makeup, you apply the foundation on your face, throat, and neck. Brush a slight orange base with a brush on the bride’s cheeks. This will make her cheeks look shiny and attractive.

Eyelashes add beauty to the bride’s eyes. This makes the eyes look stylish and attractive. People who have thinning eyelids, they can increase the beauty of their eyes by using artificial eyelash. After the eyelash, paint a white with a pencil on the inside of the bride’s eyes.


Apply bright orange color on the cheeks with a brush. It makes the cheeks glow and you look very beautiful. Lip primer adds glow to the lips. It acts as a foundation for lips. This enhances the beauty of your face. Use lipstick color for bridal makeup.
After this, decorate the hair of the bride. In this way, the makeup of your modern and stylish bride is completed. The bride will look nothing less than a fairy with a yellow and red lehenga.

Makeup at Indian weddings

Bridal makeup tips and tricks: Sixteen adornments are given great importance in our Indian customs. For which every girl, even after being married with full devotion, keeps this kind of bond till death, this tradition also sets an example of trust, strengthening the relationship of love between two people. Just a pinch of vermilion is important for every woman. By applying this, women wish for a long life for their husbands. Even though this makeup is done to enhance the husband’s long life and the beauty of women, but scientifically, we also get to see many benefits of this sixteen makeup. Find out how these sixteen makeup benefits our body parts…

1. Bindi –

The fashion of dressing in our Indian customs has been going on since very old times. The color of wearing the bus has changed but the color is there. After marriage, a bindi is placed on the forehead to maintain the life partner’s age. Which is also considered a sign of getting married. But some scientific facts are also hidden behind it, which you may be unaware of, our main men are nervous by putting a dot between the two eyebrows. She works to save energy and maintain concentration in our minds. With this, there is pressure in that vein of the forehead. Which supplies facial muscles and blood. At the time of concentration, this nerve of the brain is under much pressure.

Demand hinges –

The hinges placed in the middle of the demanding act to control the hits of our body. Along with this, due to stress in the brain, more pressure is created which also works to bring it under control. It is not possible to wear the hinges applied on our forehead daily, instead, the dot and vermilion applied on the forehead make up this deficiency.


It is said that applying vermilion, the mercury in vermilion maintains pressure in the vein of our forehead. Apart from this, it also works to control pituitary and pineal glands. Which plays an important role in maintaining the right mind balance of married women. The vermilion is prepared by mixing turmeric with lime and mercury. Which helps reduce brain tension. It also helps to keep the brain active by reducing blood pressure.



Nathan wore in the nose along with other makeup also has many benefits. Wearing it helps to relieve periodic discomforts along with respiratory problems every month. Because the left nasal nerve is directly related to the reproductive system of women. Which avoids problems during delivery.


Earrings work as acupuncture in our body, long ago the people of China wore it on the logic of keeping their health right. Wearing earrings not only keeps our health right but also relieves the problems related to the period of women. Apart from this, it keeps our memory right to solve every problem while increasing the power of thinking.

Mangal Sutra-

indian Wedding
Indian Wedding

Mangal Sutra is considered a very important part of married women. For which she forgets everything but does not forget to wear it. After marriage, Mangal Sutra and vermilion is a precious jewel considered to be auspicious for every woman, but there is a scientific fact behind this precious jewel, which tells us that after controlling it, we can control the blood pressure of our body. It is helpful And also helps us to get rid of every disease of the heart.


The colorful bangles worn in the hands add beauty to our bodies. And also brings a wonderful glow in our hands. This colorful glass bangles of green glass also help to keep our body healthy. We get positive energy from its tinkling. Along with keeping the blood pressure under control, it also works to maintain the heart-beat. Apart from this, these colorful bangles of hands work to get rid of throat diseases.

Ring (ring) –

Among the sixteen adornments worn after marriage, the ring wore in the fingers of the hands also has its own distinct quality. Due to the direct connection of the ring to our heart, it does not allow heart disease to flourish. Due to which the risk of getting diseases like a heart is less. It also helps to keep the mind calm. And also maintains concentration in the body.

By wearing anklets, our body also gets positive energy from its tinkling. Silver anklets are more important on the feet. It also works to remove diseases along with obesity.


The last jewel of our body is the nettle. Bridal makeup tips and tricks Which helps a lot in curing many diseases that occur in the body. Nervous keeps the system correct as well as reproducible system. Apart from this, keeping blood pressure correct resolves the problems associated with periods.


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