Foods good for kidneys & foods that cause kidney stones


Foods good for kidneys

Foods good for kidneys & foods that cause kidney stones
Foods good for kidneys & foods that cause kidney stones

Foods good for kidneys: Keeping the kidney healthy is very important to keep the body healthy. Kidneys filter out the waste and extra water from our body through urine. Difficulty in doing bathroom and swelling of hands and feet starts due to kidney failure. In the case of kidney failure, the chances of heart problems increase. To keep it right, we should eat superfoods full of antioxidants. Kidney, as well as other parts of the body, work properly by consuming the right foods.

To keep the kidney healthy, we should consume these superfoods full of antioxidants.

1. cauliflower

Cabbage is rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants that prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Due to its low potassium, it is also very beneficial for the dialysis patient. They can also eat cabbage raw or cooked.

2. Berris

Manganese, vitamin C, fiber and folate are found in plenty in berries which are very helpful in keeping the kidneys healthy.

3. fish

Foods good for kidneys & foods that cause kidney stones
Foods good for kidneys & foods that cause kidney stones

Having omega-3 fatty acids in fish protects the kidneys from many diseases. Proteins are found in large amounts in fish. To reduce kidney problems, you should only consume boiled, cooked or roasted fish.

4. Egg white

The white part of the egg also helps a lot to keep the kidney fine. It contains high-quality protein which is beneficial for kidney patients. You should eat only the omelet of egg white and do not eat the yellow part inside the boiled egg.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil has been very beneficial for keeping the kidneys healthy. The oleic acid and anti-inflammatory fatty acids present in it reduce oxidation in our body. You can also cook and eat your food in it.

6. Garlic

Antioxidants found in garlic reduce the likelihood of kidney and heart problems. Consuming one or two raw garlic buds in a day reduces high cholesterol in the body.

7. Paprika: Foods good for kidneys

Paprika: Foods good for kidneys
Paprika: Foods good for kidneys

Eating paprika has a good effect on the kidney. It is rich in vitamins A, B6, and C, folic acid and fiber.

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8. Apple


The fiber present in apples helps a lot in cleaning the kidneys. Its intake increases the chances of reducing heart problems, cancer, and cholesterol

foods that cause kidney stones

(Foods good for kidneys)

We consume all these things, starting from the beginning, to healthy green vegetables to simple junk food. This action goes on and on as we do. But, are any of those foods acting poison in your body? What you do not know, but slowly it starts causing a lot of damage, especially to your kidneys. Apparently, there are many kidney damaging foods, which are part of our daily diet, which weaken the kidney and it stops functioning over time. Let’s look at all those foods and consume them sparingly if you want to get rid of them completely.

1. peanut (Foods good for kidneys)


I know this is a favorite for both health enthusiasts and peanut lovers in general. The list of its nutritional benefits is also long. But sometimes peanuts can also be bad news for you, especially for those whose kidneys are weak. Peanuts contain oxalates – a substance that can cause kidney stones (kidney stones) disease. Not all types of stones, though. However, according to the report of the National Kidney Foundation, it is calcium oxalate kidney stones, which are usually large in size. And in such a case, if you are struggling with similar kidney stones (kidney stones) disease, then avoid eating these things. And, yes, it is also recommended for those who believe that their kidney is fine.

2. Avocado

One more surprise. Does not everyone praise this fruit for its great effect on our hearts, eyes, and skin? Well, this fruit is full of many qualities. You get a lot of potassium from this fruit. Apparently, a little bit. Those who are already struggling with kidney disease should avoid eating this fruit completely. Potassium, as well as sodium, is important in the functioning of the kidney in the correct proportion. If there is a slight imbalance of either, it can be dangerous for your kidney. Hyperkalemia – This is the name of a disease that occurs when there is an excess of potassium in your blood. Slow heart rate, numbness, weakness, and nausea are common symptoms.

Note: The best advice for those who do not recognize such a kidney condition is to take this delicious fruit in small quantities.

3. Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables
Canned vegetables

Foods good for kidneys: Was your balance already disturbed by potassium or is it further disturbed by sodium. Canned vegetables can actually weaken your kidneys. Fresh vegetables and even freeze vegetables are helpful for your health. However, people are avoiding eating canned vegetables. These contain high levels of sodium, which make it difficult for your kidneys to clear your bloodstream with excess fluids.

Note: However, if you have no other option but to packaged vegetables, wash the vegetables thoroughly with water, removing as much sodium as possible. Then cook them, it will not harm you.

4. Caffeine

It will be like a shock to those who rely on their morning cup to get a good start to their day. Since caffeine is a diuretic (a fluid), it affects the kidneys’ ability to absorb water. However, in moderation, it will not play with the ability of the kidney to reach water to complete its work. Nevertheless, researches indicate that prolonged caffeine intake may increase the risk of kidney stones. In addition, it is harmful to people who have chronic kidney disease.

Also, if a person has a problem with high blood pressure, then he should consume caffeine carefully.

5. Salt


Let’s start with why they are bad. When you take extra salt, it also increases in your blood flow. Kidney work is to keep it balanced. Therefore, it retains water to maintain the concentration of salt in the blood. This puts an unnecessary burden on him. For one day, it can manage it. It can do this even for two days. But, when you have a regular diet that has too much salt, you are practically turning to kidney disease.

The nephron of the kidney may also be damaged in this long-term process. These are microstructures for filtering waste. In this way, they cause a lot of damage.

Therefore, prevent the problem from proceeding and see where you may get an inappropriate amount of salt. Well, from table salt to processed foods – they all contain a lot of salt. Salt is the spice of life! It will be difficult to avoid this. Therefore, our advice is to use fresh foods and limit salt sprinkling whenever possible.

6. Meat


Meat is the main source of protein. Proteins that build muscle health and are important for various developmental processes. This is very good for all this, but not so good for the kidney. Obviously, metabolizing meat is the hardest thing that our kidneys do. Particularly the liver, meat, like the liver, put tremendous pressure on the kidneys. This type of meat contains a load of purine which stimulates the formation of uric acid. This acid is usually processed by the kidney itself. Also, if they are overwhelmed, you may be prone to kidney stones. A diet that is rich in animal-based protein also increases the risk of developing stones. This is the reason why people with kidney diseases are generally advised to avoid a high protein diet. Those who want to have a healthy kidney for life, they should take these foods in a moderate manner.

7. sugar

Certainly, sugar looks sweet and very good, but it can harm your twins. Sugar increases obesity. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes and hypertension. In addition, these two are the major causes of kidney diseases. People with impaired kidney should stay away from it completely. Also, for those who are away from this disease, it would be better for them to be alert from now on.


Processed sugar snacks, reach our diet through cereals, sweets, spices, and white bread. You should avoid taking these things as much as possible. Always look at the ingredients list when you are buying packaged foods and avoid as much sugar as possible. I know it is hard to eliminate sugar from your life is almost impossible. But, you will get brownie points to try (for your kidney). Its mantra is that it is better to useless.

Finally, a very easy shortcut is to keep your kidneys healthy. Something that everyone can and should do. The way is to stay hydrated. Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily (except for people with kidney problems. Those who have problems with kidney function should minimize the intake of fluids). It can also cause kidney stones.

Now that you know so much about the foods that can spoil your two very important organs, you will be careful in consuming them next time!

Which of the mentioned foods is a major part of your diet? Tell us in the comment section below.



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