HIV symptoms women

HIV symptoms women

HIV symptoms women

HIV symptoms women: HIV is a disease that can occur in both men and women. HIV, ie, human immunodeficiency virus, is a lentivirus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). This is a fatal condition, which causes the immune system to weaken. This results in fatal infections, which are at risk of death. It weakens your ability to fight infection. HIV infection can be spread through blood, semen, vaginal discharge, pre-ejaculation, mother’s milk. This infection communicates in four ways: unprotected sex, infected injections, mother’s milk and is transmitted from an infected mother to her child at birth. A blood test is the best way to diagnose HIV. Let us take a look at various symptoms of HIV / AIDS in men through this article so that the effect of this disease can be minimized by making people aware of it.

Symptoms of HIV / AIDS in women

HIV symptoms women

Most people infected with HIV experience flu-like symptoms. These symptoms occur a few weeks after becoming infected. It is also possible that its symptoms are not experienced for many years. Most women infected with HIV have flu-like symptoms. However, these symptoms can be caused by any other reason. The most common symptoms are:

1. Loss of weight: –

The weight of a patient suffering from HIV does not decrease suddenly, there is some effect on the body daily. It keeps reducing weight. If you are losing weight without any effort in the last two months, then you should get your check done.

2. Fibers: –

Fibers on the skin can be due to many reasons. It can also be caused by an infection. But, if you have light red rashes or rashes on your body, then it can be a symptom of HIV.

3. Unnecessary stress: –

HIV symptoms women

Patients suffering from HIV take unnecessary stress. He starts living under stress without any reason. Apart from this, crying on minor things without any reason also indicates HIV.

4. Dry cough: –

It can also be a symptom of HIV when the phlegm persists even without a severe cough. Apart from this, bleeding in the phlegm, the impaired taste of mouth, etc. can also be symptoms of HIV. Along with this, nausea all the time or vomiting immediately after eating food also indicates the infection of the HIV virus in the body.

5. Colds: –

Colds can occur in any season, but if you are suffering from problems like the runny nose in favorable weather, then it can also be a sign of HIV.

6. Fatigue: –

HIV symptoms women

If you constantly experience fatigue then you may be suffering from the symptoms of HIV. If a person is getting more tired than before or feels tired all the time, then he should take it seriously. This can be an early symptom of HIV.

7. Stretching of the muscles: –

If there is muscle fatigue without any exertion, then it can be a symptom of HIV. You do not do any difficult physical work, but always your muscles are tense and inflexible. So do not ignore it. It can be a symptom of HIV.

8. Pain and swelling in the joints: –

It is considered normal to have joint pain and swelling after age. But if it happens before time, do not make the mistake of ignoring it. This can be a sign of HIV.

9. Throat ripening: –

HIV symptoms women

Throat ripening is also a symptom of HIV. This is normal if you drink enough water and the throat is cooked. But, if a person’s throat is cooking even after drinking a sufficient amount of water, then you need to think about it. If there are a sore throat and ripeness without any reason, it can be a sign of HIV.

10. Headache: –

If there is a pain in the head at all times and decreases in the morning and evening and increases in the day, it can be a symptom of HIV.

Other symptoms:

Opportunistic infections, skin rashes, pneumonia, excessive weight loss without cause, mouth ulcers, or swollen lymph nodes, ie lymph nodes (small seed-shaped glands throughout the body)

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HIV symptoms women