How to reduce belly fat by exercise

how to reduce belly fat by exercise

How to reduce the belly fat by exercise on

how to reduce belly fat by exercise
How to reduce belly fat by exercise

How to reduce belly fat by exercise: Have you got a belly bulge too? Does it hurt to bend the abdomen? Do you also breathe while walking or climbing the stairs? If this is the case, tan you are under the grip of overweight or, say, obesity. Tech has been confirmed in many types of research that the obese person increases the risk of getting diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Yogasana to reduce stomach

  1. Tadasana
  2. trikonasana
  3. Lateral concordance
  4. Padahastasana
  5. Surya Namaskar
  6. Ardha Chakras
  7. Walking Mill
  8. Kapalbhati
  9. Uttanapadasan
  10. Pawanmuktasan:
  11. Dhanurasana:
  12. Halasan
  13. Burial

Do not panic, our aim is not to scare you, but to alert you. In this article of StyleCrease, we have brought a solution to your same problem. Here we will talk about the pet to work yoga, whose regular practice can not only reduce obesity but can also get rid of other diseases.

Just as there is a method of doing every yoga, similarly it is necessary to do all yoga asana. Yoga starts with standing postures. After this, Yogasanas are done by sitting and tan lying down. We are also telling you yoga in the same order and if you do them in the same order, tan there will be more beneficial. Yogasanas to reduce stomach cancer are as follows:

1. Tree pose (Tadasana)

Tree pose (Tadasana)
Tree pose (Tadasana)

It is necessary to do Tree Pose (Tadasana0 before starting yoga. To reduce the stomach, pets to work yoga are also started from this. By doing this, the whole body feels stretched and brings energy. Blood flow becomes better.

How to do :

▪ First of all, stand upright and keep your legs, waist, and neck straight.
▪ Now hold the fingers of the hands above the head, and pull the whole body upwards while taking a deep breath. The palms should be in the direction of Assan.
▪ Also, lift the ankles up. The balance of the entire body should come to the feet.
▪ During this, feel the stretch from the toes up to the hands.
▪ Remain in this state for a few seconds and breathe in and out at normal speed.
▪ Tan slowly come to the first position.
▪ At least two to three cycles of this kind can be done at once.

Diversity :

If Tree pose (Tadasana)you can also do Tariak Tree pose. In this, no claws are erected and the hands are tilted right and tan left while breathing from the waist part.

Benefit :

By doing this Yoga, the excess fat stored in the whole body starts decreasing.
▪ The body is shapely and nature starts coming in shape.
▪ People between six and 20 years must do this easily. This can help in increasing stature.
▪ This yoga is very good for back pain. Also, the pain in the muscles, knees, and feet is also relieved.
▪ Regular practice of Tree pose (Tadasana) increases concentration


⦁ Those who have low blood pressure should not do this yoga practice.
▪ Pregnant women should avoid doing it.
⦁ If you have severe pain in your knees, do not do this asana.
⦁ Those who are doing this yoga for the first time, they should avoid doing it on the feet.

2. Trikonasana

How to reduce belly fat by exercise
How to reduce belly fat by exercise

While doing this asana, the body comes in a triangle-like posture, that’s why it is called trikonasana. Triangle means three angles and posture means posture.

  • How to do :

▪ Stand about two feet between your two feet. Keep both hands directly with the body.
▪ Now, spread your arms away from the body to the shoulder and while breathing takes the right hand up and close it off the ear.
▪ After this, while slowly exhaling, bend from the waist to the left. During this time the right hand should be adjacent to the ear and do not bend the knees.
⦁ Now try to bring the right-hand parallel to the ground. Also, try to touch the left ankle of the left hand.
▪ Stay in the same posture as long as possible and keep breathing and exhaling slowly.
▪ Tan takes a breath and returns to normal.
▪ Do the same on the right side.
▪ You can do three to four cycles like this.
▪ It is best in the form of yoga to reduce the fat of the waist and abdomen.
▪ Like Tadasana, doing this also helps to stretch the whole body.
▪ While doing this, on one hand, it communicates new energy in the body, the lungs are also healthy and able to function better.
▪ By doing this, problems like backache and sciatica can be cured.
▪ Also, it is an excellent asana for problems like constipation and acidity.
▪ This yoga makes the muscles of the body flexible and can also reduce stress.


▪ Do not do this yoga asana if the blood pressure is high or low.
▪ Those who have severe pain in the waist or have a slip disc problem, do not do it too.
▪ Keep distance from it even if you have a dizzy head or pain in the neck and back.
▪ If you have more acidity, do not do it.

3. Lateral chest aasan

Lateral chest aasan
Lateral chest aasan

How to do :

▪ First, you stand up straight and tan make a distance of about three to four feet between the two legs.
▪ After this, wash the right leg at a 90-degree angle.
⦁ Tan while taking deep breaths, bring the arms away from the body and bring them to the shoulders.
▪ Now while exhaling, bend the right knee to a 90-degree angle and bend to the right.
▪ Now try to put the right hand on the ground behind the right foot. If you have trouble keeping your hands on the ground, try touching the ground with your fingers.
▪ At the same time, try to bring the left hand closer to the ear by bringing it in 60 degrees and try to see the finger of the left hand. During this, he breathed normally.
▪ Stay in the same position as possible and tan take a breath and return to normal posture.
▪ After that repeat the same process on the left side.
▪ With the help of this asana, body weight can be reduced easily.
▪ It is best in yoga for reducing abdominal fat.
▪ This yoga asana helps in reducing the fat of the waist and thighs.
▪ Parshkonasana also relieves constipation and acidity by improving the digestive system.
▪ This makes the ankle and knee strong.
▪ If you have severe pain in your knees and waist, do not do it.
▪ Patients of sciatica should do this under the supervision of an instructor.

4. Padahastasan

how to reduce belly fat by exercise
How to reduce belly fat by exercise

: It is made up of the sum of two words of yoga me.e. foot and hand. While doing this yoga, the hands are kept close to the feet on the ground, due to which it is called Padahastasana.

How to do :

▪ Stand straight on the yoga mat by connecting the legs together and keep the hands also straight.
⦁ Now breathe, raise your hands.
▪ After this, while exhaling, bend forward and try to keep both palms close to the ground of the feet.
▪ Also, try to apply your forehead to your knees.
⦁ Hold the breath in this state. Keep in mind that the area below the waist should not be turned.
▪ Remain in this posture for a few seconds and tan take a breath and rise up and try to bend backward while moving your hands up.
▪ After this, bend forward while exhaling. Do this about three to four times.
Benefit :
▪ While doing this asana, there is pressure on and around the stomach, due to which the fat stored there starts to decrease.
▪ Stretches are felt in the back, hips, and thighs, due to which they are strong.
▪ Problems like headaches and insomnia are relieved and mental stress is also reduced to some extent.
▪ The digestive system starts functioning better, due to which problems like gas, acidity, and constipation are eliminated.
▪ Do it in the form of yoga to reduce the stomach.
⦁ If you have back pain or hurt, do not do this asana.
▪ If you start having backache while doing this, stop immediately and contact the doctor.

5. Surya Namaskar

how to reduce belly fat by exercise on
How to reduce belly fat by exercise on

: There can be no better yoga than this to keep the body fit and fit. This is such a yogasana while doing all the organs of the bodywork together. It is unique in the order of yoga to reduce the stomach.

How to do :

Pranam Asana: Stand upright on the yoga mat and place your hands in the posture of salutation near the chest.
Hastautanasana: Now breathe in, raise your hands up and close your ears and try to lean back.
Padahastasana: After this, while exhaling, bow down on the stomach and try to keep the palms on the ground. Also, try to touch the forehead of the knee without bending the knees.
♣ Ashva Sankalanasana: Tan takes a breath and sit on the right foot and move the left leg back. In this posture, put the left knee on the ground.
▪ Parvatasana: Now exhale, move the right leg back and lift the body from the middle. In this posture, try to touch your ankles from the ground and keep the arms straight.
▪ Ashtangasana: After this, take a breath and lie down on the ground. In this state, only the chin, chest and knees will touch the ground. Keep the abdomen and hips raised.
▪ Bhujangasana: Now without lifting or exhaling, lift the upper part of the waist up to the abdomen. During this time, the palms will remain close to the ground.
▪ Parvatasana: After this, while exhaling, again you will lift the body from the middle and try to touch the ankles from the ground. Also, keep the arms straight.
♣ Aishwarya Sankalanasana: Tan while breathing, bring the left leg forward and sit on it and keep the right leg straight. Keep the right knee close to the ground.
▪ Padhastasana: Now exhale, bring the right leg forward and keep the palms from the ground and forehead close to the knees.
▪ Hastautanasana: Tan takes the hands and body up while breathing and try to lean back.
♣ Pranam Asana: In the end, come straight in the posture of salutation.
▪ In this way, a cycle of Surya Namaskar will be completed. You can do 20-25 cycles at a time like this.

Benefit :

▪ Surya Namaskar reduces obesity and those who are not obese keep their weight balanced.
▪ This is the best yoga for healing the digestive system.
▪ By doing this, physical and mental stress is reduced.
▪ This yoga body activates the whole body.
▪ If you are short of time, tan by doing this yoga alone, all the organs are exercised at once.
▪ If there is any pain in the body, tan it goes away by doing Surya Namaskar.


▪ If you have slip discs or have any kind of pain or discomfort in the knee, do not do this yoga asana.
⦁ While doing this, pay full attention to your breath. If you breathe in the wrong way, there may be a loss instead of profit.
▪ Women should not do it at the time of menstruation and during pregnancy.
▪ Children and patients suffering from hypertension and heart disease should be under the supervision of experts.

6. Ardha Chakras

 Ardha Chakrasa healthfitt
Ardha Chakras 

: In the category of yoga for reducing stomach, this is also a standing yoga. In Sanskrit, Ardha means half and chakra means wheel. While doing this posture, the posture of the body looks like half a wheel, hence it is called Ardhachakraasana.

How to do :

▪ Stand straight with the legs together and keep the hands straight.
▪ Now bend the elbow and place the palm on the lower back.
▪ Tan takes a breath and tries to lean back as much as possible.
▪ Stay in this position as long as possible and keep breathing and exhaling.
▪ After that, while exhaling, come back to normal.
▪ This asana can be done about three to four times at a time

Benefit :

▪ Do it in the form of yoga to reduce belly fat. By doing this, the fat deposited around the stomach gradually decreases, which causes weight gain.
▪ People who have diabetes can also do this asana. This keeps insulin levels in the body balanced.
▪ This asana relieves neck pain and stretches the back muscles and makes them flexible.
▪ If you are suffering from back pain and want to make the spine flexible, tan do this asana.
▪ Those who sit for long periods of time should do this asana so that they can get relief from back pain.


▪ Do not jerk the head and neck while leaning back in this asana.
▪ Those who have problems with slip disk or sciatica, do it under the supervision of a specialist.
▪ If you do not do any bending posture after doing yoga asana, it will be better.

7. Mill Walk Alaska

 Mill walk aasan
Mill Walk Aasan

In the old times, as the mill was run with the help of hands, this asana is also done in the same way. It is not difficult to do and anyone can.

How to do :

▪ First of all, sit on a yoga mat and spread your legs forward and keep it straight.
▪ Now spread both the arms forward in the shoulder straight and make the fists by holding the fingers of both hands at each other.
▪ Tan takes a long, deep breath, bring the upper part of the body forward and make a circle, keeping the arms straight, moving from right to left.
▪ Along with the hands, the body above the waist will also be moving from right to left and back and forth.
▪ Do this process five-ten times clockwise and tan anti-clockwise five-ten times.
▪ Try to keep the feet stable during this time and feel the lower backstretch.

Benefit :

▪ By doing this asana, excess fat deposited on the waist, abdomen, and hips begins to decrease.
▪ These yoga poses make the hips flexible and the stomach muscles strong.
▪ By its regular practice, women get relief from the pain and pain that occurs in menstruation.
▪ The uterine muscles of women are able to function properly.


▪ This asana should not be done during pregnancy.
⦁ Those who have a problem with low blood pressure or slip disc, do not do it.
▪ Avoid it in case of a headache or migraine.
⦁ If you have had a hernia operation, do not do this asana.

8. Kapalbhati aasan

The root cause of every disease that occurs to humans is in the stomach. If the stomach is right tan everything is fine and the stomach is bad, tan the health is bound to get messed up. In this sense, Kapalbhati has been considered as a living for mankind. By doing this, the stomach is cured in a miraculous way. Do it in yoga for the stomach.

How to do :

⦁ First of all, sit down in Sukhasana and close your eyes.
⦁ Now you have to exhale slowly through your nose. While exhaling, the stomach should go inside you.
▪ Keep in mind that you just have to leave the breath and not take it. During this time keep the mouth closed. The process of breathing is automatic.
▪ Keep doing this for as long as possible.
▪ In this way, you can do about five to ten rounds.

Benefit :

▪ This reduces belly fat and balances weight.
▪ The digestive system is correct, due to which the stomach problems start to go away.
▪ Relief from gas, acidity, and constipation, etc.
▪ Facial glow and the effect of increasing age are less.


⦁ Those who have high blood pressure or heart disease should not do kapalbhati.

▪ Epilepsy, hernia and respiratory patients should also not do this.

9. Uttanapadasan

Uttan means to uplift and foot means feet. In this posture, the feet are slightly raised, hence it is called Uttanapadaasana. This is an important posture for lying down.

How to do :

▪ On the yoga mat, lie straight on the waist and keep the hands close to the body.
▪ The direction of the palm should be towards the ground.
▪ Now take long deep breaths, lift the legs up to an angle of about 30 degrees.
▪ Be careful not to move the head.
▪ The legs have to be raised so much that they are not visible to us.
▪ Stay in this state for about 30 seconds and keep breathing and exhaling slowly.
▪ After this, while taking long deep breaths, bring the feet down and relax.
▪ Do this asana about three to four times

Benefit :

▪ This asana is the best way to reduce obesity.
▪ This keeps the navel in place and the digestive system works well.
▪ While doing this Yogasan, the abdominal muscles are under pressure, which makes them strong.
▪ If this helps, abdominal abs can be made without going to the gym.
⦁ Those who have complaints of gas, acidity, constipation, and indigestion, etc., should do this yoga practice.
▪ This strengthens the muscles of the waist and infuses new energy into the body.


⦁ It should not be done during pregnancy.
⦁ Those who have undergone a stomach operation should also avoid it.

10. Pawanmuktasan

How to reduce belly fat by exercise
How to reduce belly fat by exercise

The next step in the yoga to be done is that of Pawanmuktasana. While doing this, the stomach is stressed. Wind means wind and liberation means coming out. By doing this, the collected air in the stomach comes out.

How to do :

⦁ You lie flat on your back on the yoga mat. Hands should be adjacent to the body.
▪ First, take long deep breaths, bend the right leg and try to apply it to the chest while holding the knee with both hands.
▪ Tan exhale, raise the head and try to touch the nose of the knee.
▪ Remain in this state for a few seconds and tan exhale and bring the feet and head to the ground.
▪ Similarly, do it with the left leg and tan do it with both feet simultaneously.
▪ Such can do at least five to ten cycles.

Benefit :

▪ This asana reduces the fat of the stomach and makes it flat.
▪ By doing this, the accumulated gas in the stomach is released and it also provides relief from acidity and constipation.
▪ It makes the spine strong. In addition, the lungs also work well.


▪ If you have pain in your waist, knee or neck, do not do it.
▪ By the way, except Vajrasana, no other posture should be done after meals, but especially it should not be done at all.

11. Dhanurasana


Where other asanas are done lying down on the waist, while this asana is done lying down on the stomach. While doing this, the body becomes like a bow, due to which it is called Dhanurasana.

How to do :

▪ Lie on your stomach on the yoga mat and while exhaling bend the knee and try to hold the ankles of your hands.
▪ Now try to raise the head, chest, and thighs while breathing.
▪ You can lift the body as high as you can.
▪ After reaching the final stage, try to put the entire weight of the body on the lower abdomen.
▪ Tan tries to reduce the distance between the two legs.
▪ Stay in the same posture for some time and keep breathing and exhaling slowly.
▪ Finally return to normalcy, exhaling long and deep.
▪ Four to five such cycles can be done at one time.

Benefit :

▪ If you want to lose weight, tan definitely tries this yoga asana.
▪ Diabetes patients should also do this Yoga. This yoga scan balances the level of insulin in the body.
▪ People with asthma and back pain can also do this yoga practice. He starts seeing positive effects at some time.
⦁ Those who repeatedly complain of falling out of the navy or constipation, they can also do it.
▪ Thyroid patients can also do this yoga practice.


▪ Those who have severe back pain should avoid Dhanurasan.
⦁ If you have a hernia or have stomach ulcers, do not do this asana.
▪ Do not do it even if there is a complaint of sciatica or stones.

12. Halasan


If this yoga is done properly, the weight can be reduced to a great extent. In this Yogasan, the posture of the body becomes like a plow, so it is called halasana. This is a bit difficult to do, so those who cannot do it should be halted.

How to do :

▪ To do this, lie down at the waist and keep your hands off the body.
▪ Now slowly raise your feet and bring it up to a 90-degree angle.
▪ Now, while exhaling, raise the back as well as the feet and try to touch the thumb from the ground while moving the legs back.
▪ This currency is similar to plows in the field.
▪ Stay in this posture for as long as possible and tan slowly return to a normal state and the rest.
⦁ You can do this three to four times.

Benefit :

▪ This is the best yoga to get rid of obesity.
▪ Apart from this, this Yogasana brings a glow to the face and gives relief to those who have problems with hair loss.
▪ This asana can also be done in diseases like constipation and hemorrhoids.
▪ Those who have problems with thyroid and diabetes can also do it.


⦁ Those who have any problem in the cervical or spinal cord, do not do it.
▪ Do not do halasana in case of high blood pressure and dizziness.
▪ Avoid doing this yoga during pregnancy.
▪ Patients suffering from heart disease should also avoid it.

13. Shavasan

How to reduce belly fat by exercise
How to reduce belly fat by exercise

It is done at the end of all yoga so that the body becomes calm and stable. While doing this, the body becomes a corpse. It may look easy to see, but it is equally difficult to do.

How to do :

▪ After doing all the yoga poses, lie down on the yoga mat and close your eyes.
▪ Keep a distance of one or two feet between the two legs and keep the hands spread slightly away from the body.
▪ The palms should be facing upwards.
▪ Now keep breathing and exhaling slowly and keep full attention on the movements of the breath.
▪ Tan takes your attention one by one to all the organs from the feet to the head and feels that you are getting free from all kinds of stress. Everybody part is getting rest.
▪ Stay in this state for some time and when you feel that the body is relaxed and the mind is calm, tan sit on the left side of your support and hands and slowly open your eyes.

Benefit :

▪ Shavasan is also a kind of meditation. By doing this, your mind becomes focused.
▪ It helps to relieve stress and lighten the body.
▪ Doing yoga helps to normalize the tiredness and stretchiness in the muscles.
⦁ Those who worry excessively or feel restless, they should do the Shavasana.


▪ Though Shavasan can be done by anyone and it does not cause any harm, but it should be done under the supervision of an instructor for better results.

Note: Do all the yogasanas mentioned hereunder the supervision of a trained yoga trainer.

Whether you are physically unwell or mentally, yoga is the cure for every problem. Somebody has rightly said that yoga will be done by all and that every disease will be treated with yoga. Also, keep in mind that yoga also effects only when you do it with full confidence. Therefore, do yoga regularly under the supervision of a good instructor. Be healthy yourself and inspire others to do yoga as well. Also, in the comment box below, tell us how yoga changed your life.

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