Meditation benefits on health


Meditation benefits on health

Meditation benefits on health
Meditation benefits on health

Meditation is a feeling of consciousness, meditation is not the concentration of the mind, meditation is a peace of mind and mind, in which case you remain alert, not sleep or samadhi, you refresh yourself with this relaxation, this increases your skill, ability to work. Meditation benefits on health.

“Meditation is purely an understanding. This question is not just to sit quietly. It is not a question of chanting. This question is about understanding the subtle functioning of the mind. If you understand the functioning of the mind once Gone, a great awareness or awareness arises in you, which has no relation with the mind. This awareness arises from your being, your soul and consciousness.

Why should meditate:

In religious traditions since ancient times meditation is being practiced on the basis of different beliefs. There is no harm due to the practice of meditation. You can meditate regularly. If you do not know about meditation then in this post we will give you How to meditate, we will give information about different methods and benefits of meditation, if you want to meditate apart from normal meditation methods, then you need meditation teacher Awareness will be no loss without teacher attention, but unless you understand the procedure of the mind, mind does not easily occur.


Today, in the era of facebook and social media, we have information about all the topics, but for us, that information is like common knowledge, what we will do is not known but the lack of that information becomes your problem of attention. I must have read something or the other, but to really know meditation, to give a positive direction to life, you experience spiritual, physical, mental peace through meditation with which You realize the awareness of life |

Some common methods of meditation:

Meditation benefits on health
Meditation benefits on health

1. Night meditation:

Night meditation is done at bedtime, after 2 hours of eating, when you go to sleep, bring the body to a comfortable position in the breath, do not stir every part of the body, keep calm, keep on breathing and deep Breathe in as much as you can, now leave the breath out, keep an eye on the breath, you have to practice this meditation for 15 minutes, while sleeping you do this meditation.


By doing this method, your sleeplessness problem will go away.
Muscles will get rest
Body exhaustion will be removed
Relaxation in anxiety, relieving negative thoughts while sleeping.

2. Morning meditation:

enjoy nature, music, the beautiful rays of the sun in the morning, we should not lose the beauty of the morning, so wake up early in the morning. As soon as you wake up, take deep breaths as deep as you can. Now leave all the sounds around you. Listen carefully to all the voices, do not miss any sound, you have to practice this meditation for 15 minutes.


Our body gets pure oxygen in the morning, cleanses the dirt of the body, relieves constipation.
Freshness for the day

Some people cannot meditate due to the surrounding voice while meditating. They consider meditation only as a concentration of the mind. It also makes meditation noise a part of meditation. This does not obstruct the sound in meditation.
If you are meditating and your obstacle is the surrounding voice, then in the morning you become disturbed in the place of peace.

3. Resolve meditation:

Meditation benefits on health
Meditation benefits on health

How do you take a resolution in the morning and forget in the day, the resolution taken by us is broken soon? How to take the resolution, sit in any comfortable posture, take a deep breath and leave the breath out after a while. There is some breath inside, then leave it outside, then leave the breath out until you can leave. Now take the resolution and repeat in your mind that I take the resolution …….. when you leave it out Repeat also you have to practice this meditation for 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

Famous meditation practice:

1. Vipassana meditation:

Vipassana is the method of critical meditation to understand thoughts. Vipassana meditation is useful for mental peace. Breathing is used in this process. When you breathe in your nose, then become aware of the breath, do not control the breathing that is conscious. By this practice, you will start to understand your breath and by understanding the breath, you can help yourself to understand your thoughts.


This meditation is good for those who want to meditate but do not have any guide, because it is a simple method of meditation. There are many methods of meditation available to Buddha through Buddha Vipassana but very few people Help has been helped by thousands of people.

2. Mantra meditation:

Mantra meditation is prominent among the various methods of meditation in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Mantra meditation for mental peace involves the repeated pronunciation of a word, sentence or sound.


Some people consider it easy to chant the mantra because they cannot meditate on the breath, they are calm by chanting the mantra, they chant the words so that they do not get disturbed in meditation, they cannot sit silent without meditating.


3. Spiritual meditation:

Meditation benefits on health
Meditation benefits on health

In some religions, meditation is done in the shape of the image of God at the time of worship like a prayer. This spiritual meditation method is most prevalent in Hinduism. This meditation is done in the temple or room of worship.


Benefits of meditation:

Meditation brings many mental physical benefits; infinite imaginary thoughts come to our mind; tension headaches in life are mental diseases caused by an event or thoughts. Meditation gives relief from all these troubles.

Some of the common benefits of meditation are:

Meditation benefits on health
Meditation benefits on health

1. Due to meditation, every cell of the body is filled with oxygen (energy). New skin cells are created due to an increase of oxygen in the body, happiness in our body, excitement, peace is communicated, balancing all the hormones and refreshes our body and mind, enhances the beauty of the skin.

2. Meditation brings relief from stress, anger and frustration and sharpness is an extension of consciousness and emotional stability. Meditation calms you down whenever you are anxious, angry, unstable and emotionally disturbed.

3. Helps to give up bad habits, reduces laziness, eliminates insomnia problem, increases concentration, increases self-awareness, you can control yourself in adverse situations.

4. Peace:

Meditation brings peace to both mind and mind. Bad thoughts keep coming in our mind which cause problems in our lives, but by mediation, all these thoughts go away and we feel peace.

5. Improve sleep:

It is very good for his health. Doing meditation removes all thoughts from your mind that do not let you sleep at night. Also, by doing meditation, you sleep deeply and when you wake up in the morning you feel good and energetic.

6. Enhances immunity:

The reduction of stress increases immunity. By doing different types of meditation, your immune system is strengthened.

7. Relieves chronic pain:

Chronic pain can be overcome. According to research, you can relieve your pain without taking medicines daily. Meditation can cure pain faster than exercise.

8. Increases confidence:
Meditation benefits on health
Meditation benefits on health

Our confidence increases only when we think well or feel good. Meditation helps build confidence. When a negative thought comes to our mind while meditating, we pay attention to it for some time. Meditation gives us the power to fight that negative thought and then it goes out of our mind.

9. Emotional balance:

Emotional balance means being emotionally strong. It is difficult for many people to be emotionally strong, but with the help of meditation, emotional balance can be created. With this, meditation helps in removing wrong thoughts from the mind.

10. Reduced stress:

Research has found that people who do meditation reduce stress as well as lower their heart rate. If a person is troubled by blood pressure or stress, then he can get rid of all these by mediation.

11. Reduced Headache:

The problem with this also goes away. If a person has a migraine problem, then by doing meditation, the problem of migraine can be controlled.

Benefits and advantages of meditation. So why not take some time for yourself and relax your mind by meditating a little.



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