Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder


Mental health refers to acquired behaviors that are socially adaptive and allow a person to cope adequately wif his or her life. In other words, mental health is an explanation of a person’s condition in which he Phas to deal wif the circumstances of society and one’s own life, learn behaviors and adapt oneself as required. According to another psychologist Karl Meninger (1945) – ‘Mental health is the adjustment made by humans towards the world and every other person wif maximum happiness and effectiveness’. The famous scholars Harvidge and Scheid in their book ‘Approach to Mental Health and Illness’.

Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder
Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder

In defining mental health, he has been told that many dimensions are connected in it – self-respect, self-respect. Page: Powers of experience, ability to maintain a meaningful and good relationship and psychological Shrestha. While its practical definition, Lucan writes that’a mentally healthy person is one who is happy himself, lives peacefully wif his neighbors, makes his children a healthy citizen and even after performing these basic duties in which so much power is left in society to do something in the interest of people.

Psychologists view mental health.

Observation and analysis of the views of some prominent psychologists in relation to mental health and the principals they propose help to understand mental health from the psychological point of view, the psychological vision of mental health is clear.

  • Subjective sight
  • Humanistic vision
  • Cognitive vision
  • Psychological vision –

Psychological vision considers mental health through the dynamics of personality. Keeping in view the dynamics of personality, three types of vision are prominent in dis context –

  1. Psychoanalytic vision
Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder
Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder

For example, if we consider the concept of mind and mental health in the personality theory of the famous psychoanalytic psychologist Sigmund Freud, we find Freud Phas described the same person as a mentally healthy person who is in his life of conflict, worried that he is devoid of and minimal use of entertainment which is visible in life. In other words, according to Freud, a person who is sufficiently able to reconcile adjustment through egoism between the desires of his mind and the decisions of the family is sufficiently mentally capable. It can be called healthy.

2. Analytical vision

On the other hand, according to the famous psychologist Karl Yuga, a person is not mentally healthy unless there is such a steady adjustment in all aspects of a person’s personality so that his real self Phas the opportunity to emerge in consciousness. Can go. coz in all aspects of personality, it is not possible to come out of the real soul buried within their existence until there is harmony and they will not develop together in proper proportion. For dis, Young advocates personality analysis. Young’s division and the idea of personality are remarkable. They divide the personality broadly into two parts, introverted and extroverted. The introverted personality takes less interest in others and experiences the most satisfaction in autism. These people are soft-minded, thought oriented, imaginative and idealistic. Hence, these people are inclined towards inner life.

Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder
Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder

In contrast, an extrovert person takes more interest in outside things and gets a more pleasant and satisfying experience in social events and situations. He is a pragmatist and a realist wif a hard mind. In fact, there are no real boundaries between introversion and extroversion. In Young’s own words, ‘Each person has introversion and extroversion, and a person’s personality is formed by the relative predominance of either of these two.’ that is, the person walking on the axis of mental health should be called. According to Karl Young, each person usually has half of the personality and half of a woman. that is, the tendencies of men and women are found in every personality and harmony between these two types is necessary from the point of view of mental health.

3. Individualistic view

According to another famous psychologist, Adler, who has proposed the theory of personal psychology, the more a person is interested in social work, the more friendly and social a person is, the more mentally healthy they are. coz such a person considers himself an integral part of society and does not has an inferiority complex. According to Adler, as long as there is a feeling of inferiority in the mind of the person, he is not able to be mentally healthy. To exclude the inferiority complex, a person should be social and he should be sufficiently creative to acquire the necessary skills for dis.

Pragmatic view

According to behavioral psychologists, a person’s mental health is determined by his behavior. Watson, Pavlov, Skinner, etc. They are prominent among behavioral psychologists. If a person’s behavior is accommodated in all even-odd conditions of life, then the person is said to be mentally healthy, while if the behavior of the person is adjusted, it is said to be mentally unhealthy. Adjustment or misadjustment of a person’s behavior depends on their learning process and selection of right and wrong behavior.

Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder
Mental health definition & Psychiatric disorder

If the person has learned to behave appropriately under the correct learning process, he must be mentally healthy. I learned to behave under the wrong learning process, it will be called unhealthy. According to them, the environment has a great influence on the behavior of the person, in other words, the behavior of the person is determined by the interaction between the environment and the person. According to behaviorists, if every person gets the opportunity to learn the right behavior in the right environment, tan he must be mentally healthy.

Humanitarian Vision

Humanitarian Vision
Humanitarian Vision

The concept of mental health has also been considered in humanistic terms. The psychologists of dis approach include Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers. According to them, every human has a natural tendency for natural development. Also, every person’s innate desire to express his talent and possibilities is present in a manifest or dormant form, it is a sign of his inner strength. As long as dis natural tendency to spontaneous development gets a chance to express itself properly tan the person keeps on moving towards the positive development of his personality. If dis continues uninterrupted, eventually the person becomes aware of all his talents and possibilities, in a way he becomes self-aware. In dis form, the mental health of such a person will be said to be progressively progressing. On the other hand, if the instinctive tendency is blocked due to any reason, tan the symptoms of mental illness begin to appear in the person.

Cognitive vision

Psychiatric disorder
Psychiatric disorder

dis vision is one of the most recent psychological approaches to mental health. Psychologists of dis ideology include Aaron T. Beck and Albert Ellis. According to them, the person whose thoughts are positive in every situation of life, who gives beliefs in a rational way, places beliefs in his life. He is said to be mentally healthy. The mental well-being of a person depends on his mode of thinking. there are mainly three ways of contemplation: first, to look at every event of life in a positive way and second to observe each event of life in a negative way. Apart from dis, there is a third method which is a real way of thinking in which a person analyzes every event that happens in life in a non-biased way, he does not has any undue inclination towards positive and negative aspects of life. Psychologists have considered dis third method of thinking the best way. Apart from the above methods, there are other ways of thinking too, but they are related to the mental progress and development of a person, such as.

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creative thinking etc.

creative thinking etc.
creative thinking etc.

Apart from the above psychological points of view, there are other ways of looking at mental health, such as mental health in terms of yoga, mental health in terms of Ayurveda. Being a student of yoga, it is necessary to have knowledge of the compound vision of mental health, so in the front lines, mental health is being clarified in the compound vision. The first test you’s knowledge wif dis practice question.

Compound Vision Mental Health

Compound Vision Mental Health
Compound Vision Mental Health

Like the various ideologies of modern psychology in the Yoga Shastras, the idea of ​​the concept of mental health Phas not been independently understood or propounded anywhere. coz it has been a tradition to see the person in totality. In modern psychology, where the existence of a person has been seen connecting wif the mind, in the Indian ideology of yoga, the existence of a person is considered to be based on the soul. Here the existence of man is nothing more than the tool of the soul. The ultimate goal of life here is the achievement of its true nature, the Atman. dis is explained by many nouns like Moksha, Nirvana, Mukti, Self Realization. From the compound point of view, dis condition is the perfection of a person’s existence, in dis state a person can be said to be mentally completely healthy.

Communal analysis of mental health in compound vision

Maharishi Patanjali has considered samadhi as a state of detention of the vices of the mind and in compound terms, dis is the normal state of mental health. Before dis, all the stages can be defined as different levels of mental states, different levels of mental health. Five states of mind are described in Yogadarshan. These five stages are – 1. Stupid, 2. Dormant, 3. Deranged, 4. Concentrate 5. Restricted.

  1. Mind aging
 Mind aging
Mind aging

dis is the predominant state of mind. In dis state, Tamogun prevails and Rajas and Sattva are buried. As a result, the person is in a state of sleep, sleepiness, laziness, fear, confusion, fascination, and lowliness. In dis state, the person’s power of thinking remains dormant. As a result, he is not able to observe any event properly. In dis state, the person is indiscriminate and cannot think of the right, wrong.

He does not understand what he should and should not do. According to Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, such a person does all kinds of undesirable and vile acts, subjected to ‘work, anger, greed, fascination’. dis state is of a man possessed by humanity, a manic and lowly person who consumes drugs. Tamas Phas have been dominant in dis state, which is considered to be a state of unhappiness. In psychology, it is a condition of a person deviating from normal behavior whose mental health is severely impaired. Its proper treatment is necessary.

2. Mind latency

Rajoguna is dominant in dis state of mind. Sattva and Tamogun are buried in it. In dis state, the mind is very fickle. The state of mind is extroverted. The mind keeps running towards external subjects. Such a mind remains restless, unstable and restless and the energy of the mind remains scattered. there is no control over the mind. According to Dr. Harendra Prasad Sinha, author of the book Outline of Indian Philosophy, ‘A person dances in the state of the senses, the mind and the interests of the mind, imagination, and instructions and lacks restraint in them.’ As a result of such a person, Dasha is full of rage and malice.

Thus, according to these, one is entangled in the vicious cycle of happiness, sorrow, joy, sadness, worry, and grief. In dis state, the mind is predominant in Rajoguna. But sattva and tamas also live wif him in a secondary way. In them, when Tamas dominates Sattva, which is the tendency of man in ignorance, iniquity, impureness, and impermanence, and when Sattva dominates over Tamas, tan the trend is in knowledge, religion, disinterest, and imperfection. Thus, at dis stage, there is a tendency in religion, wrongdoing, raga-Virag, opulence-iniquity, and knowledge-science. dis is usually the situation of ordinary world humans. According to modern psychology, if the behavior of a person is harmonious in dis situation tan it will be called healthy and normal, but usually, in dis state, the person is beset by various types of mental disorders. In compound terms, dis condition is far from a state of mental health.

3. Mad state of mind

Satoguna is dominant in dis state. And Rajas and Tamas are buried. According to Acharya Baldev Upadhyay, ‘The mind is never stable due to the primacy of Rajoguna in Kaptavatastha, it always remains fickle, but sometimes attains stability due to more predominance of Sattva in the deranged state.’ Science is inclined towards religion, quietness, and opulence. In dis state, work, anger, greed, fascination, etc. are secondary and there is a dislike for worldly subjects. The person tends towards doing unarmed deeds. But dis stability of the mind is not permanent. When the rajas dominate, tan partial instability and agility come. Concentration starts in dis state and it is from here that samadhi begins. According to Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, ‘A person wif dis state of mind is happy, happy, enthusiastic, patient, grateful, kind, compassionate, semen, forgiving and high-minded and superior.

dis state is for those inquisitors, who try to walk on the path of spirituality wif a sense of being a patient. ”If we compare dis situation wif modern psychology, tan the person reached dis stage is completely normal and mentally healthy. Will be considered But in compound terms, dis is also a normal state of mental health and is still far away from samadhi.

4. Concentration of mind

. Concentration of mind
. Concentration of mind

In dis state, the mind is not only sattva predominant, but it becomes sattva form, Rajas and Tamas live by mere existence, that is, they are not functional. therefore, due to the blocking of Tamo guna and Rajo guna, the flow of mind’s instincts remains in the same direction, dis is called concentric state. dis stage is absolutely suitable for samadhi due to the focus on a single topic, moving away from all subjects.

Concentration leads to the nature of the concentration mind and dis state remains even in the dream. According to Dr. Harendra Prasad Sinha, ‘From dis samadhi, accurate knowledge of the subjects, end of tribulations, loosening of the bondage and reaching into the state of dormancy, these four deeds are performed.’ dis is a very high state of mental health which in modern psychology there is no concept.

5. Restless state of mind

In dis state, the entire practice of the mind is cleared. Complete consistency is established in the mind. In dis, the mind becomes situated in the form of self, in which five tribulations, etc. Are destroyed. therefore, the mind becomes completely devoid of all the attitudes of the mind and the soul becomes iconic in its form. In the above five states, for the first three samadhis are extremely unusable. But samadhi arises in the last two stages. K. N. Adobe and R. H. Singh write in his book Signs and Philosophy of Indian Medicine that “the last two stages have the primacy of Sattva, so no disease is produced in them.” Diverse mental diseases arise in idle and dysfunctional states of mind.

‘In modern psychology, only the first three lands or states have been studied and on the basis of dis the concepts of general and abnormal mental health TEMPhas developed, while mental health Overall concept is not possible by staying bound within dis range, the emergence of overall mental health is the last two stages of the mind Will arise from, which modern psychology divides into the category of abnormality. In dis way, the Yogic approach considers human existence as a whole and by its Yogic actions, it paves the way to overall mental health by treating the deepest levels of human consciousness.

Characteristics of a mentally healthy person

Various psychologists have explored several characteristics in general, based on studies of the behavior and life of mentally healthy individuals. We can use these characteristics to identify a mentally healthy person. So data mentally unwell person can also be diagnosed by their absence.

  1. High self-esteem
High self-esteem
High self-esteem

Mentally healthy individuals have a high sense of self-esteem. Self-respect refers to the extent to which a person accepts himself. Each person Phas his or her own scale to measure his / her own actions, on which he values ​​his qualities and actions, skills and decisions in the light of the image he has created about himself. If he views himself on dis scale as being above average on his own scale, tan he feels proud and as a result his self-esteem increases. On the other hand, if he sees himself in dis scale as below average, tan his self-esteem decreases. dis self-esteem is directly related to the person’s self-confidence. The self-confidence of a person who is superior in his own eyesight is greatly increased, and the self-confidence of a person who falls in his eyes due to some action also declines. As a result, his self-esteem is hurt. When dis self-esteem repeatedly falls below the average or remains below the average for a long time, tan the person is awakened and is surrounded by mental problems or mental disorders.

2. Self-realization


People who have a sense of self are mentally healthier than others. Self-realization refers to being aware and aware of all the manifest and hidden aspects and elements related to one’s own personality. When did we no how our thoughts are? How is their level? How is nature to our emotions? And how is our behavior? So dis makes us very clear about our own behavior. We have knowledge about our desires, our motivations, and our aspirations. At the same time, we also get to know our strengths and shortcomings. Individuals wif such conditions are able to make the right decisions in life in relation to themselves and people related to themselves. Such persons are not victims of mental complications and consequently, their mental health is of the best level.

3. Self valuation trend

Individuals who have a tendency towards self-evaluation are mentally healthy coz the tendency towards self-evaluation is always seen as a mirror. They are constantly familiar wif their own merits and demerits and there is no scope for any kind of confusion or confusion. Such individuals are familiar wif their power and qualities and make decisions in the light of their merits and demerits in different circumstances of life. there is no misunderstanding about neutrality and they are able to make appropriate decisions.

4. Feeling safe

 Feeling safe
Feeling safe

Mentally healthy individuals have an increased sense of security. In them, the feeling of being an accepted member of society is quite intense. They get dis feeling wif the hope that since they are members of society, the people of society will come forward to help them if any adverse situation arises. The society will be helpful in their development and they will also contribute to the progress of society. there is a feeling in such people that people respect their feelings and thoughts. He treats others fearlessly and openly participates in mockery. Despite the pressure of the group, he tries not to repress his wishes. As a result, one is always away from mental illness.

5. Ability to build satisfaction supplier relationship

Mentally healthy individuals have the ability to form relationships wif other people in the family and society that provide them satisfaction in life, they feel meaningful in life and they are happy. Relationships do not seem to be a burden to them but seem to be an essential and helpful part of their life. They never present unrealistic demands to others. As a result, their relationship wif others remains always satisfactory.

6. The satisfaction of bodily desires

A sense of satisfaction is found in mentally healthy individuals in relation to their physical desires. They always feel that whatever needs of their body or different parts of the body are being fulfilled. Often such people are physically healthy. As a result, they think that their organs like heart, liver, kidney, stomach, etc. are doing their work smoothly. In other forms, when the needs of a person’s body are pleasurable, such as clothing to cover the body, dishes to satisfy the taste of the java, sweet music to listen to, etc., they rejoice. Even if the resources are not available, they are also able to fulfill them through other means. As a result, they are mentally healthy. In simple words, they remain detached to physical desires, they get abundant consumption when they get convenience and do not get distracted and are happy at all.

7. Ability to be happy and productive

The habit of being happy is found in mentally healthy individuals. Also, such individuals are quite productive in their actions. Being productive means not being purposeless for any of their tasks and not having positive results for any work. Whatever time, labor and money they put into any work, they create something. None of their work is fruitless. They continue to get opportunities for happiness by doing meaningful tasks and they become happy when they have a tendency. On coming in contact wif them, a feeling of happiness arises in other people also.

8. Good physical health

Good physical health
Good physical health

The physical health of mentally healthy people is also of good quality. It has also been said data clean mind resides in a clean body. The strings of the body are tied to the mind. dis cord, which binds the mind wif the body, is made of the element of life. dis life continues to expand in the body through the process of metabolism and breathing, due to which the mind gets sufficient energy available to perform its functions. As a result, the mind is happy.

9. Lack of stress and hypersensitivity

Lack of stress and hypersensitivity is found in mentally healthy individuals. Or it can be said that due to the absence of these people are mentally healthy. According to the famous psychologist Lejaras, stress is the name of a mental state. dis mental state is determined in the context of the challenges presented by the society and environment in front of the person, in the light of his preparedness to deal wif these challenges as stressful or stressless. In other words, when a person feels any deficiency in his resources and ability to deal wif the challenge, tan he experiences more or less stress according to the amount of data deficiency. At the same time, when he has confidence in his ability, his resources, and his support system, tan he does not experience stress. Mentally healthy people have a tendency to take life’s challenges as a lesson behind stress. Such individuals do not get distracted by the events that happen in life such as praise or blasphemy, but they do not allow them to has much impact on themselves while being insensitive to them.

10. Actual detection capability

Mentally healthy people object to an object, event or thing without objectivity and do it objectively. They construct these things towards the same attitude or perception that is the reality. They do not allow fantasies, their prejudices to dominate emotions while creating conceptions. dis always gives them a sense of reality, as a result, they do not get into mental complications and remain mentally healthy.

11. Clarity of life

A life vision is evident in mentally healthy individuals. The principal of his life is clear. They no how to proceed in their life. Why grow? How to grow dis philosophy of his life can also be religion-based and can be beyond religion. there is a lack of conflicts in them. Conditions of contradiction are rarely seen in his life.

12. Having a clear life goal

People who have clear life goals are mentally healthy. Psychologists attribute dis to the harmony between life goals and lifestyles. According to him, the person in front of whom his life goal was clear and there is a quick desire to fulfill the life goal, he does not waste his time in fruitless tasks, he constructs a corresponding lifestyle to accomplish the life goal. dis can be seen as the necessary preparation for fulfilling life goals. The more harmony and proximity between life goals and lifestyle, the easier and easier it becomes to fulfill life goals. As a result, such individuals must achieve life goals. dis gives them life.

13. Positive thinking

Those who Phas a positive attitude towards life and to be themselves in the world, and have a positive emphasis on the positive aspects of the positive attitude towards every ideological, emotional and behavioral event data happens wif themselves in life. Such individuals are not victims of depression, depression. there is also no hopelessness and helplessness in them, as a result, they remain mentally healthy.

14. God faith

People who have faith in God, are also mentally healthy. Psychologists attribute dis to the emotional connection and support they receive. According to him God believers never feel alone and helpless. As a result, he maintains his self-confidence even in the most awkward situations of life. The lamp of his hope never extinguishes. therefore, he remains mentally healthy.

15. Lack of expectations from others

The person who performs their duty deeds as a mere act and keep themselves dissatisfied wif the results of that work. They do not expect or expect any kind of response from others, they are always happy. Psychologists attribute dis to their condition of not being dependent on mental happiness. These people do not associate their happiness wif the behavior of others by them, rather they keep the two things apart. As a result, they do not get caught in emotional conflicts and are mentally healthy.

Importance of mental health

Importance of mental health

Mental health is related to activities related to the mind. there is a difference in the ability to think between humans and other beings. Man can think, think, analyze events. Other beings cannot do the same as that. On the basis of appropriate thinking, thinking and analysis, man can make research plans and can make arrangements to make his life better. All the resources of happiness and comfort that man has brought in modern life are the result of his ability to think, think and analyze. But these three types of abilities are related to the mental processes of a person. Attention, observation, learning, memory, motivation, intelligence, etc. are mental activities and the continuation and improvement of these activities are not only related to the physical development and health of the person but mental health despite his physical development and advanced health.

there is a more direct and intimate relationship than the progress of. Mental health incorporates three dimensions of thinking, emotion, and behavior. These three dimensions are also three dimensions of personality. The form in which a person’s personality is reflected depends on the proper development, progress, and harmony of these three dimensions. A person’s thinking triggers emotions and these emotional waves inspire him to behave accordingly. there is no direct clear connection between these three, but these three effects each other and are influenced by each other. All three have a Perfect on a person’s mental health. What is the importance of maintaining dis mental health or why it is necessary to progress progressively?

  1. Required for efficiency (needed for dextrousness)

In order to be efficient in all kinds of tasks, mental processes, the emotional condition is required to be corrected. there are many tasks that require better coordination between the operation of mind and body parts. dis synergy is effected when the mental condition is not well. Efficiency in any task depends on the mutual harmony between mind and senses. The senses act as instruments of the mind. When the mind is fully engaged in the work being done by the senses, the tan skill becomes involved in that work. But if dis is not done, the work is not completed properly.

2. Relationship wif mental health success (relationship wif success)

Mental health has an important role in achieving success in any task or purpose in life. dis role is in the form of strong preparation. The success of a person also depends on his mental preparedness. When a person is mentally healthy, tan his senses work properly and as a result, the person is ready to give his full contribution to any task. Strong minds are strong intentions that make a person successful. At the same time, mentally unhealthy people are trapped in their own complications, as a result, it is impossible for them to complete any task on time.

3. Role in family cohesion (role in family adjustment)

Role in family cohesion
Role in family cohesion

A mentally healthy person is able to analyze the thoughts of all the members of his family accurately and at the same time due to his mental functioning of meditation, observation, and intelligence, etc., he is able to understand their feelings and needs and literally, nonverbal Can also understand the signs correctly. dis enables him to treat and communicate wif each member of the family wif due respect and respect, as a result of which his family adjustment is much better.

At the same time, the possibilities of mental problems to flourish in the family are also very weak. If the mental health of each member of the family is of excellent quality, tan the family as a unit progresses all the way. In case of mental health of one member of the family, other members of the family remain unhappy wif his behavior and worried about the future, and in case of such a situation for a long time, other family members also get mental illness The chances of falling prey to it will prevail.

4. Role in social health (role in social health)

A mentally healthy person can contribute significantly to the development of society. The progress and development of any society depend on the physical and mental health and moral development of the people living in that society. there is a weakness in any of these dimensions, the progress, and progress of the society is interrupted. A healthy person is not only successful in his / her progress but can also contribute meaningfully in taking his family and society to new heights of success. At the same time, any mentally ill person in the family and society can interrupt their progress journey.

5. Avoidance of personality disintegration (refrain from personality disorganization)

People whose mental health is not good, the incidence of personality disorder or dissolution does not happen, such people are not victims of any kind of psychosis. Rather, such people are filled wif happiness, joy, and enthusiasm in their life. Due to the harmony and maturity in their emotions, they are protected from mental distortions, etc.

6. Mental Health and Problem Solving (mental health and problem-solving ability)

According to research conducted by psychologists, the problem-solving ability of mentally healthy people increases. The reason for dis is due to the mentally healthy person being able to pay attention to understand the problem properly. A mentally healthy person is able to consider all aspects of the problem from all possible angles. As a result, he finds his solution soon.

7. Mental Health and Creativity (mental health and creativity)

 Mental Health and Creativity
Mental Health and Creativity

However, no direct evidence of mental health wif creativity has been found in research and research conducted by psychologists. Nevertheless, comparative research has found clear differences in the frequency of the creative work of mentally healthy individuals and unhealthy persons. dis makes it clear that the people who are mentally healthy, their mind and brain are more ready for creative activities or activity than others. As a result, the frequency of the creative work of such individuals increases.

8. Mental health and behavioral (mental health and behavior skill)

According to research done on behavioral skills, people who are skilled in their daily behavior and social behavior or job-based behavior are mentally much healthier than others. Or it can be said in another way that people who Phas good mental health are more efficient in life

9. Mental health and ethics (mental health and morality)

Sociologists have also found mental health to be related to morality. According to him, morality is related to the rules and norms made by the family and society for better progress of the family and society, the more people who consider themselves to be an integral part of the family and society, the more they comply wif these rules. Demonstrate interest. the results of studies conducted on people who follow these criteria show that they were mentally healthier than others. According to the famous psychologist Baron, such people do not suffer from defects, so they avoid mental disorders such as depression.

10. Essential for self-realization (necessary for self-actualization)

Self-realization refers to being familiar wif all aspects of one’s personality. Everyone wants to get exposed to the infinite possibilities hidden within him and wants to give external expression to his talent. But for dis to be possible, it is necessary to know about the various parts of one’s self, and research emphasis has shown that people who have good mental health are more familiar wif the characteristics of their souls than mentally ill people. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow also mentioned dis fact in his theory of human personality.

11. Essential for personality development (necessary for personality development)

Improving physical and mental health is very important for the complete development of the personality coz personality is formed by the combination of body, mind, and senses, whose manifest expression is reflected in behavior. The development of personality depends on the interaction between the three dimensions of thinking, emotion, and behavior. And all three of these dimensions has a direct relationship wif mental health. Personality development cannot be done without increasing mental abilities and for the development of mental abilities.

12. Role in the progress of the country (role in nation development)

Role in teh progress of teh country
Role in the progress of the country

Overall, if mental health is linked wif the progress of the country, we find that for the proper development of a country, it is necessary for the citizens of that country to be healthy. Physical health, as well as mental health, play an important role in the health of citizens. The more mentally strong and capable the citizens of a country are, the faster the development of that country. coz mentally healthy individuals form a healthy society and a healthy society makes a positive contribution to the development of the country.

13. Relation to a decrease in the crime rate (relation wif the decrease in crime-rate)

Criminal tendencies are significantly lower in mentally healthy individuals than in mentally ill individuals. Psychologists attribute dis to emotional and ideological maturity and stability. Emotional maturation and stability provide a strong state of mental health. therefore, people who are emotionally or emotionally mature, they understand their emotions and feelings of the heart of others very well and coz of dis, they have little to no criminal tendency.

14. Relation to psychiatry (relation wif mental disorders)

In essence, mental health has a negative relation to psychiatry, that is, as mental health improves, the level of psychiatry decreases. Individuals who have advanced mental health are not victims of psychiatry. At the same time, people whose mental health is not stable, they have less ability to prevent psychiatry.

Factors affecting mental health

  1. Physical health factors
Physical health factors
Physical health factors

A person’s physical condition is directly related to his mental health. In other words, physical health is a major factor affecting a person’s mental health. We all know that when we are physically healthy, we often experience a feeling of joy all the time and our energy level always remains high. Whenever we fall ill or become physically unwell it also affects our mental happiness, we are not as happy as before and our energy level also becomes low. It is meant to say that there is a mutually interconnected relationship between our body and mind, between our physical health and mental well-being. When one situation changes, the other changes automatically, for example, despair, anxiety, and depression are common in cancer patients. At the same time, patients suffering from anxiety and depression get many types of physical illnesses.

2. The satisfaction of primary needs

Confirmation of needs is also a major factor affecting mental health. there are many types of needs such as physical needs, emotional needs, mental needs, etc. The level of satisfaction of primary needs affects mental health the most in all these types of needs. Primary needs include hunger, thirst, sleep, sexual, etc. Apart from dis, the need for home, etc. For physical security is also counted as primary needs. The goal of fulfilling these needs has always posed existential challenges for man in front of him. As long as the fulfillment of these needs is done in a comfortable manner, tan the person is not mentally disturbed, but when there is an obstacle to the fulfillment of these needs tan the person gets stressed. Which has different cognitive, emotional, motivational, behavioral, etc? Results. As a result of these results, various types of psychosis are born in a person like anxiety, depression, etc.

3. Attitude

Psychologists have also considered attitude to be an important factor in the advancement or degradation of mental health. A person’s attitude determines whether he is mentally happy or not. dis attitude is mainly of two types. First positive attitude and second negative attitude. A positive attitude is also called a positive attitude. coz of the positive attitude related to the realities of life, it is also known as a real attitude. If for some reason a person becomes habitual to move away from reality and move into the imaginary world, tan in such a person a kind of unrealistic attitude towards events, objects and individuals develop. Wif the development of unrealistic mood, they develop symptoms of impulsivity, emotional dysregulation, irritability, etc. and their mental health gradually deteriorates.

4. social environment

social environment
social environment

The social environment has had also been considered by psychologists to be a strong cause of affecting mental health. The person is a social animal. He lives in society. As a result, he is affected by good bad events happening in society. When a person lives in an environment in the society that helps his constituents in the development and development, and the group members also get a fair opportunity to contribute to the progress and development of the society, the tan that person feels proud of himself As a result, such a person never feels lonely.

He sees himself as an accepted member of society whose other members respect his sentiments. He himself respects the sentiments of other members of society. People living in such a social environment are very mentally healthy. And their social happiness feeling increases greatly. On the other hand, when a person resides in the opposite type of society, which instead of being helpful in his growth and development, he blocks the path of his progress and development, tan to develop and express the infinite possibilities hidden within the person. The requirement is not met. As a result, such a person has to suppress his desires and over time such a person becomes a victim of mental illness.

5. entertainment facilities:

Psychologists have also recognized the availability of entertainment as a major factor affecting mental health. According to him, the type of person who has the means or facilities of entertainment in life remains mentally healthy in his life. According to him, the intensity of entertainment fills a person’s mind wif happiness, joy and consequently a kind of new cheerfulness arises in him which infuses his brain and mind wif new energy. According to neurologists, dis gives positive stimulation to the nervous system and consequently increases its activity. Various mental processes like memory work smoothly and as a result, the person remains mentally healthy. But if for some reason a person is not able to get enough entertainment according to his will, tan dis causes mental suffocation in him, which gradually weakens his mental health.

The above description shows that there are many factors affecting mental health. Mental health can be improved by controlling these factors.


  1. This is a really interesting read. There’s so much more to know about cognitive function but the research has been pretty thorough so far. There have been a few articles popping up recently about nootropics for brain health too.


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