What is yoga and what are its benefits


What is yoga and what are its benefits

If you are physically and mentally healthy, then, believe me, you are leading a good life. However, whomever you ask, he counts some or the other. What is yoga and what are its benefits, Some are physically ill, others are living stressful lives. Yoga is the only way to avoid this situation. Of course, it will be difficult for some of you to believe this, but now much scientific research has confirmed that yoga is a good option for better health. Believe that yoga will be with everyone and that every disease will be treated with yoga. In this article, we will give all the information about yoga together, which you want to know about.

1. Let us first know what yoga is.

Table of contents:

  • Benefits of yoga
  • Internal health benefits of yoga
  • External health benefits of yoga
  • Emotional health benefits of yoga
  • Types of yoga
  • Perfect time to do yoga
  • Essential things for yoga
  • Essential things for yoga
  • Some more tips for yoga

1. what is yoga?

To know what yoga is, we have to go to its core. The word yoga originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means to connect. There are basically two meanings of yoga, first- joining and second- samadhi. Until we can connect with ourselves, it is difficult to attain the level of samadhi. It is not just exercise, but science-based physical activity. In this, the brain, body, and soul meet each other. At the same time, there is a harmony between human and nature. It is a way to live life properly. Sri Krishna has also said in the Gita that Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalam means that yoga brings skill in actions.

To understand this, we have to know the statements of eminent philosophers, knowledge, and yogis. Those who have defined yoga according to their own.

  • It is wrong to tie yoga in the realm of religion, faith, and superstition. Yoga is science, which is the art of living life. Also, it is a complete medical system. Where religion binds us with pegs, yoga is the path to freedom from all kinds of shackles. – Osho.
  • When you learn to hold the entire body properly, you can feel the energy of the entire universe inside you. This is the sum. – Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev.
  • Chittavruthirodhodha: That is to stop the mental instincts from becoming fickle. In easy language, yoga is not to let the mind wander and keep one place stable. – Patanjali.

After knowing the definition of yoga, we further know why it is necessary to do yoga.

2. Benefits of yoga:

Yoga benefits you by working on three levels. In this sense, doing yoga is right for everyone.

  • In the first phase, it works to replenish human beings by making them healthy.
  • In the second stage, it affects the brain and thoughts. It is our negative thoughts that put us in tension, anxiety or mental disorder. Yoga helps us to get out of this cycle.
  • By reaching the third and most important stage of yoga, man becomes free from worries. To reach this final stage of yoga requires hard work. In this way, the benefits of yoga are found at different levels.

Let us now know how Yoga keeps us healthy.

2. Internal health benefits of yoga:

  1. Blood flow: When the blood circulation in the body is better, all the organs work better. Also, body temperature is also controlled. As the blood flow becomes unbalanced, the body starts suffering from many diseases, such as – heart-related diseases, bad liver, the brain does not work properly. In such a situation, blood flows well by doing yoga. It provides adequate oxygen and nutrients to all organs.
  2. Balanced blood pressure: Many people are struggling with blood pressure due to the wrong lifestyle. If you also have any problem related to blood pressure, then start doing yoga under the supervision of a yoga instructor from today. Yoga is also important because by doing pranayama, the body gets a sufficient amount of energy and the functioning of nerves improves. Also, the heart rate is normal.
  3. Improved respiratory system: Any disorder of the respiratory system is enough to make us sick. In such a situation, yoga tells us what is the importance of breath in life, because every yogasana is based on breath. When you do yoga, the lungs start working at full capacity, which makes breathing easier.
  4. Relieving indigestion: Getting rid of gas is also one of the benefits of yoga. Anyone can have a gas problem. This includes children, old men, women, and men. This problem is mainly caused by the digestive system not functioning properly. Yoga is the best way to cure it. Yoga improves the digestive system, which can eliminate problems like constipation, gas, and acidity.
  5. Ability to bear pain: Pain can occur anywhere and anytime in the body. In particular, joint pain becomes difficult to bear. At the same time, when you do yoga, initially the physical ability to bear this pain starts increasing. Also, after regular practice, this pain starts to subside.
  6. Immunity: To fight against diseases, it is important to have better immunity. Due to the weakening of the immune system, the body easily becomes a victim of various diseases. Whether you are healthy or not, doing yoga in both situations will prove beneficial. The resistance system is better with yoga.
  7. New energy: To live life and work in a positive way, it is necessary to maintain energy in the body. Yoga helps you with this. By doing yoga, tiredness is removed and the body is filled with new energy.
  8. New energy: To live life and work in a positive way, it is necessary to maintain energy in the body. Yoga helps you with this. By doing yoga, tiredness is removed and the body is filled with new energy.
  9. Better metabolism: The metabolic process is necessary for our bodies. It is through this process that the body gets energy through food so that we are able to do our day’s work. Metabolism also works properly when the digestive system, liver, and kidneys work well. In this state, the benefit of yoga is because metabolism can be improved by correcting indigestion and constipation through yoga.
  10. Sleep: It is necessary to get good sleep at night after working all day. This helps the body to be ready to work again the next day. Not getting enough sleep causes restlessness, headache, eye irritation and tension throughout the day. Rank is not visible on the face also. At the same time, if you do regular yoga, the mind becomes calm and relieves stress, which helps in getting good sleep at night.
  11. Balanced Cholesterol: As we said earlier, it improves yoga blood flow in the body. This prevents blood clots from forming in the veins and clears excess fat. This is why cholesterol can be controlled. Yoga increases HDL is good cholesterol, while LDL means bad cholesterol. Along with this, it is also important to have a balanced diet.
  12. Controls sodium: We often eat outside fried or roasted junk food. Such foods are high in sodium. Increasing sodium in the body can cause heart disease or kidney disease. To avoid this, first of all, you stop eating this kind of food. Also, do yoga regularly. Yoga has the ability to balance the amount of sodium.
  13. Reduction in triglycerides: Triglycerides are a type of fat found in our blood, which can cause heart disease and stroke. It is necessary to do regular yoga to reduce it. By doing yoga, the heart rate increases slightly, due to which a situation like triglycerides can be avoided.
  14. Increase in red blood cells: Red blood cells play an important role in our body. They carry oxygen from the lungs to every organ. The deficiency of red blood cells can lead to anemia. By increasing yoga, its quantity starts increasing in the body.
  15. Prevention of heart disease: Heart is a delicate part of our body. Incorrect eating, unbalanced routines, and stress have a direct effect on your heart. Later, many heart-related diseases occur. Yoga is the best way to avoid it. Regular yoga and healthy eating keep the heart strong. When you do yoga to keep the heart healthy, then you will easily understand the importance of yoga.
  16. Asthma: When there is asthma, the respiratory tract shrinks, causing difficulty in breathing. We feel suffocated even in the slightest dust and mud. If you do yoga in this state, then your lungs are stressed and they work more efficiently.
  17. Arthritis: Arthritis, IE, arthritis, swelling, and pain starts in the joints. At this stage, it becomes difficult to do everyday work. In this case, doing yoga can be beneficial for you. Under the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor, doing yoga reduces swelling and pain in the joints and starts working slowly.
  18. Cancer: It is difficult to say whether doing yoga can completely cure cancer. Yes, it can definitely be said that yoga helps in recovering from a disease like cancer. Doing yoga can eliminate the toxic bacteria present in the cancer patient. At the same time, muscle strain is reduced and blood circulation is better and stress and fatigue are also reduced. Apart from this, problems such as nausea and vomiting that occur during chemotherapy can also be dealt with.
  19. Infertility and menopause: If someone wants to improve fertility, yoga postures have also been described in this. Through yoga, the problem of sperm formation, any sexual problem, any obstruction in the Fallopian tubes or the PCOD problem can be corrected. In addition, negative symptoms seen before and during menopause can also be corrected through yoga.
  20. Sinus and other allergies: The sinus causes swelling of the muscles around the nose. This causes difficulty in breathing. Even for this problem, yoga is better in every respect. By doing breath-related yoga i.e. Pranayama in the sinus, the blockage in the nostrils and throat tubes is removed and breathing becomes easier. In addition, other types of allergies can also be cured with yoga.
  21. Back Pain: Most of our work these days is sitting. Due to this, someone suffers from pain. If you do yoga under the supervision of a qualified trainee, then there is a spasm in the spine, from which any kind of pain can be removed.
  22. The effect of increasing age is less: Some people start seeing the effect of increasing age on their faces. At the same time, if you do yoga, then the wrinkles that occur on the face before time can be reduced. Through yoga, the toxins and bacteria stored in the body are clean and free radicals are also eliminated. Due to stress, the effect of premature aging starts to appear, but yoga can also save from this stage.
  23. Increase of physical capacity: Body posture deteriorates due to incorrectly getting up and sitting and moving. Due to this, the pain starts in the body, muscle disorders and bones start becoming weak. Yoga is the right way to avoid these problems. Doing yoga regularly strengthens bones and muscles, improves body size and improves physical ability.
  24. Balanced Weight: Everyone is obese these days. The reason for this is incorrect catering and routine. First of all, we have a stomach upset. Not having a better digestive system is the root of every disease. Yoga is the easiest and best way to deal with it. If you do regular yoga, then problems like constipation and acidity go away and the digestive system is better. This causes weight loss gradually.
  25. Increase of physical capacity: Body posture deteriorates due to incorrectly getting up and sitting and moving. Due to this, the pain starts in the body, muscle disorders and bones start becoming weak. Yoga is the right way to avoid these problems. Doing yoga regularly strengthens bones and muscles, improves body size and improves physical ability.
  26. Balanced Weight: Everyone is obese these days. The reason for this is incorrect catering and routine. First of all, we have a stomach upset. Not having a better digestive system is the root of every disease. Yoga is the easiest and best way to deal with it. If you do regular yoga, then problems like constipation and acidity go away and the digestive system is better. This causes weight loss gradually.
  27. Shape body: Yogasana makes the body balanced from head to toe and makes you stronger mentally and spiritually as well. Only when all these work properly, the body becomes shapely.
  28. Increase of core capacity: Core mainly means the important group of muscles of the body. For the body to function properly, it is necessary to remain strong. The entire weight of the body rests on the core itself. They prevent you from getting hurt. Doing yoga strengthens the core, brings flexibility and stays healthy.
  29. Muscle Improvement: Doing yoga improves muscle activity. They are strong and have flexibility.
  30. Increased tolerance: As it has been written many times in this article that yoga makes not only physically, but also mentally strong. It is needed in everyday work. It is important for players to be mentally strong. The more tolerant he is, the more his performance improves. Also, every person is able to take the right decision under adverse circumstances.
  31. Good mood: To move ahead in life and achieve success, it is important to be good and positive in your nature. Yoga helps you in this work. Believe me, when you do yoga, you are completely filled with positive energy from inside. This improves your mood and keeps you busy throughout the day.
  32. Reduce Stress: Stress is harmful to everyone. For a person who is under stress, it becomes difficult to live a normal life. Yoga is the only way to get out of stress. When you do yoga, you will be filled with new energy. It is natural to reduce stress.
  33. Relieve anxiety: Anxiety is said to be the mother of Chita. Whatever is shrouded in anxiety is sure to go under stress. Heart diseases can also occur due to anxiety. If you are too much worried, start taking yoga from today itself. With yoga, not only will you be able to overcome all kinds of disorders and negative thinking mentally, but you will also be able to live life again and face all the dilemmas. A distracted mind calms down and one gets the pleasure of ultimate bliss.
  34. Combating pressure: Many times office and housework become so much that one can come under mental pressure. This often happens to women. At this stage, it becomes difficult for him to maintain a balance between various tasks. The only best way to avoid this is yoga. Yoga gives you the power to get out of every kind of situation and pressure. You will feel happy inside.
  35. Ability to take decisions: Yoga makes you mentally strong enough to be able to take important decisions related to life. Also, how to keep yourself balanced in the opposite condition.
  36. Concentration: By doing yoga regularly, you become so capable that you start working to concentrate and achieve your goal. During this time, all the obstacles coming in the way can also be easily overcome. Anyway, it is said that the basic mantra of success is concentration towards work.
  37. Good memory: Yoga also affects the functioning of the brain. Especially, it is very important for students. It is important to keep your brain calm and better during the exam so that whatever they are studying, they remember it well.
  38. Look at the specifics: Often you will go to such programs in school, college or office, in which a topic is explained in detail and it is also important for you. In such an environment, it is usually that you remain active for some time, but gradually your attention shifts to some other side. In this way, you are unable to pay attention to the important things, but a person doing yoga remains active at all times. He also takes care of fine things from every minute.
  39. Positive thoughts on life: Doing yoga is always energetic. His thoughts about life are positive. He likes to live life every day with new energy and enthusiasm. He adheres to this principle ‘Be happy and keep others happy’ throughout life.
What is yoga and what are its benefits
What is yoga and what are its benefits

After knowing so many benefits of yoga, we now also know how many types of yoga are there.

3. Types of yoga:

What is yoga and what are its benefits: Although it is difficult to say exactly how many types of yoga are there, here we are talking about the types commonly discussed:

1. Raj Yoga:

The last stage of yoga is called Samadhi only Raja Yoga. It has been considered the king of all yogas because there is definitely a specialty of all types of yoga. It involves taking some time out of everyday life to do self-inspection. This is the kind of practice that everyone can do. What is yoga and what are its benefits Maharishi Patanjali has named it Ashtanga Yoga and mentions it in detail in the Yoga Sutra. He has given eight types of it, which are as follows:

  • Yama (swearing)
  • Rule (self-discipline)
  • Posture
  • Pranayama (breathing control)
  • Pratyahara (Control of the senses)
  • Perception (concentration)
  • Meditation
  • Samadhi (liberation from shackles or union with God)
Yoga Benefits

2. Jnana Yoga:

Jnana Yoga has been considered as the path of wisdom. It is a means of knowledge and introduction to oneself. Through this, the darkness of the mind, that is, ignorance is removed. It is said that the purification of the soul comes from knowledge yoga. Acquiring the pure form while contemplating is called Jnana Yoga. Along with this, the intellect is developed by studying the texts of Yoga. Jnana yoga has been considered the most difficult. In the end, the only thing that can be said is that by discovering the vast possibilities lost in oneself and getting absorbed in Brahman, it is called Gyan Yoga.

3. Karma Yoga:

What is yoga and what are its benefits
What is yoga and what are its benefits

We understand Karma Yoga through this verse. Yoga Karma Kishlayam means getting absorbed in karma. Sri Krishna has also said in the Gita, ‘Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalam’ means to work efficiently. The principle of Karma Yoga is that whatever we experience in the present is based on our earlier deeds. Through Karma Yoga, a person does worldly work without getting entangled in any fascination and finally gets absorbed in God. This yoga is considered most suitable for household people.

4. Bhakti Yoga:

Bhakti means divine love and yoga means joining. Devotion, love, and devotion towards God, creation, creatures, animals, birds, etc. are considered as Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga can be done by any age, religion, nation, poor and rich person. Everyone worships someone as their god, just that worship is called Bhakti Yoga. This devotion is done with a selfless spirit so that we can achieve our purpose safely.

5. Hatha Yoga:

This is the ancient Indian practice of meditation. In heathen, he means Takara i.e. The right nasal vowel, which is Pingala Nadi. At the same time, the meaning of that is the left nasal vowel, which is called Eda Nadi, whereas Yoga works to connect the two. An attempt is made to maintain a balance between these two channels through Hatha Yoga. It is believed that in ancient times, sages used to practice Hatha yoga. These days the prevalence of Hatha yoga has increased considerably. By doing this you can stay physically healthy and mentally peaceful.

6. Kundalini / Rhythm Yoga:

According to yoga, there are seven chakras in the human body. When Kundalini is awakened through meditation, the power awakens and goes towards the brain. During this time she activates all the seven chakras. This process itself is called Kundalini / Rhythm Yoga. In this, man frees from the bondage outside and tries to listen to the words born inside, which is called Naad. This type of practice ends the agility of the mind and increases concentration.

After knowing the types of yoga, we will now talk about the rules to be adopted at the time of yoga.

4. Rules of yoga:

Rules of yoga:
Rules of yoga:

Before and while doing yoga it is necessary to follow certain rules, which we are talking about below:

  • According to the rules, yoga should be done before sunrise and after sunset. Doing yoga early in the morning is more beneficial.
  • It is necessary to do a mild warm-up before yoga so that the body opens up.
  • Yoga should always begin with Tadasana.
  • Yogasan should be done on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Those who are doing yoga for the first time, they should do light yoga asanas in the beginning and only under the supervision of a yoga instructor. Then, as they become accustomed, then increase their level.
  • If you are doing yoga in the evening, do it only after three to four hours after having your meal. Also, eat something after half an hour of doing yoga.
  • One should not take a bath immediately after performing Yogasana but should wait for some time.
  • Yoga should always be done by wearing comfortable clothes.
  • The place where you are doing yoga should be clean and quiet.
  • While doing yoga, try to remove negative thoughts from your mind.
  • The most important rule of yoga is to do it patiently and do not put too much emphasis on any posture. Do as per your ability.
  • All Yogasanas depend on breathing and release, which is necessary to have complete knowledge. If possible, learn about it first, only then do it yourself.
  • If you are sick or pregnant, do it only after consulting your doctor. Also, do it under the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.
  • Always do Shavasana, at the end of Yogasan. This calms the body and mind completely. Yoga is fully benefited only by performing Shavasana.
  • Do not drink cold water during yoga, because the body is warm while doing yoga. Therefore, instead of cold water, drink only soft or lukewarm water.

5. Perfect time to do yoga:

  • In yoga science, the day is divided into four parts, Brahma Muhurta, Sunrise, noon and sunset. Of these, Brahma Muhurta and Sunrise have been considered the best for yoga.
  • It is believed that if you do yoga by getting up in the Brahma Muhurta, you get the most benefit. At that time the atmosphere is pure and fresh air is moving. Usually, only those who attain spiritual knowledge do yoga at this time.
  • The time of Brahma Muhurta is considered to be four o’clock in the morning. It is not possible for everyone to get up at this time, so if you do yoga even at sunrise, it is better. This keeps the body energetic throughout the day.
  • Keep in mind that yoga should always be done on an empty stomach.
  • You can do yoga even after sunset, but still, three or four hours before that, you have not eaten anything.

6. Essential things for yoga:

These things are most needed during yoga practice:

  • Clean and comfortable yoga mats.
  • Comfortable clothes, in which you do not have trouble while doing yoga.
  • According to the course, you can also keep a towel with you, so that you can wipe when you sweat.
  • Clean water bottle.
  • Whether you are a woman or a man, if you have long hair, tie them so that you do not have trouble while doing yoga.
  • Some people may have trouble while doing yoga in the beginning, so they can use yoga blocks and belts. You should ask your trainer once before using it.
  • The most important thing is that the room in which you do yoga should be clean and quiet.

What should be the mental state during yoga practice:

Yoga infuses new energy into our bodies. It is also necessary to prepare your body to receive this energy. Therefore, while doing yoga remove all the wrong thoughts from your mind. Do not think at all about whether there will be any benefit from doing yoga or not and in what time it will happen. While doing yoga try to make your mind completely stable and calm. However, initially you may have some problems, but gradually everything will become normal.

Some more tips for yoga:

Some more tips for yoga:
  • Think carefully and choose a good yoga teacher. Do not show any haste in it.
  • Always keep a light smile on your face while doing yoga.
  • Whenever sitting in Padmasana or Sukhasana, keep the waist absolutely straight.
  • Release the breath from the mouth and take it through your nose.
  • At which stage you should have full knowledge of when to breathe and when to leave.
  • Do as much yoga as you can with your body. Only by doing regular exercises will your body gain flexibility.
  • Pay attention to who is doing how. Everyone’s body has its limits.
  • Eat a balanced diet along with yoga for a healthy body.
  • If you do not understand anything, then definitely ask your yoga teacher. It is better to talk about something than to do something wrong. If you do any yoga posture incorrectly, then you may lose rather than gain.


If you are doing yoga for the first time, do it under the supervision of the instructor. According to your age, illness, and ability, it will tell you the appropriate yogasana. There are many diseases in which some yoga postures are forbidden, so it is better that you do it under the supervision of a yoga trainer.

There is no doubt that all is possible with yoga, just need to be resolved to do it. You should choose a qualified yoga instructor today and start doing yoga. Yes, keep in mind that doing yoga will make you see the difference immediately, but it may take time to fully benefit. Therefore, do it with moderation and enjoy every posture. Also, what kind of difference did you feel by doing yoga, tell us about it in the comment box below.

Do yoga, be healthy.

Disadvantages of yoga :

If Yoga is done at the right time, there is a benefit and if done incorrectly at the wrong time, sometimes there is a loss.

Yoga is healthy, but it also has some side effects. Which are called horoscope syndrome? By practicing yoga and pranayama for a very long time, you can also fall victim to horoscope syndrome. We want to tell you that by doing yoga, there is a stretch in the muscles of the body and blood-nerve.

If the practice of yoga is more than necessary, or if there is more emphasis against the flexibility of the body, then the muscles of the body get pulled. As a result, pain starts in that part of the body. If this problem is not taken care of in due course of time, then that part of your body can also become paralyzed. So let’s know

1. Extreme tiredness:

Extreme tiredness:

If you feel the need for a coffee or a nap after doing yoga? This means that you are practicing yoga more than your capacity. The excessive practice of power yoga generates heat in the body and lowers electrolytes and sodium levels from the body. If you feel dizzy, tired, excessive weakness or nausea after doing yoga, then this is a sign that you are doing a lot of yoga.

If this happens, go out of yoga class for some time. You will feel better by breathing in the air outside. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and rest and reduce the time of yoga.

2. Becomes a habit:

The regular practice of yoga brings great benefits to the body. Seeing these benefits, some people become crazy about yoga. Once you have read the habit of doing yoga, then it does not feel good without doing yoga. The day they do not do yoga, they do not feel fresh, they are lazy and they do not feel like either. This madness of people about yoga can also make them ill later.

3. Fear of being paralyzed:

Knowing Yoga Side Effects, yoga exercises cause a lot of stretch in the muscles of the body. Therefore, if the emphasis is against the flexibility of the body more than necessary while doing yoga, the muscles of the body get stretched. Due to which pain starts in that part of the body. If this problem is not paid attention in time, then that part of the body is likely to become paralyzed.

4. getting hurt:

Injury problems are very common while doing yoga. Chotas during yoga include neck, knee and shoulder injuries. Even at times, muscle fractures, herniated discs and carpal tunnel problems are also seen. In some yoga postures such as chaturanga, push-ups, etc., the elbow has to bend, so that there is a risk of extensive damage to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

5. Anger increases:

What is yoga and what are its benefits: Due to the excessive practice of yoga, the flow of testosterone hormone in the body starts increasing. Due to which aggression in the person increases. And in such a situation, people get angry even on minor things.

6. Spiritual confusion:

Many times, people go to yoga classes not to improve their health, but to focus on something else. Many times girls watch videos of other girls and think of becoming like her. And this is what yoga teachers take advantage of. That’s why yoga teachers and sex scams are heard many times. Some teachers are known for abusing their power such as touching their students and having sex.

What is yoga and what are its benefits
What is yoga and what are its benefits

7. Always remember one thing that if you work hard, you can get the desired benefits. Your task is to protect you. Therefore, do not be misled by anyone. And if you find the behavior of the teacher inappropriate, then avoid going to that place.

8. Food test turns:

What is yoga and what are its benefits: There are many changes in the brain when doing yoga regularly. Due to which the food habits also change. Often times in the Habitual people of yoga it has been seen that they start disliking non-veg and alcohol. Instead, they prefer simple, vegetarian food. By the way, this change is good for keeping the body healthy.

You know above Side Effects of Yoga does not mean binding. So do as much as you do yoga. Do not force your body. Trust yourself.



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